You’re Never Going To Believe That These Are The Same People


Were you an “ugly duckling” as a kid? Redditors who say that they were recently shared some before-and-after photos, and looking at them will give you a serious flashback to your awkward middle school days!

If there’s one time in my life that I don’t look back on too fondly, it’s my early teen years. I had braces, acne, and hadn’t yet discovered a hair straightener. What a difference a few years can make!

The 17 people on this list definitely know what I’m talking about. They transformed from so-called “ugly ducklings” into beautiful (and handsome) swans. Thank goodness for puberty, right?

1. This is a Neville Longbottom transformation through and through.

2. No more bowl cut and she got a gorgeous cat. Winning!

3. This young lady wrote, “I must say, being an ugly duckling (both self-described and by the perception of others) made me a much better person than I might have been had I always been ‘pretty.'”

4. Who knew Captain America was hiding under the dreaded “freshman 15”?

5. “People from high school usually recognize me just enough to ask if I have a younger brother,” said this Redditor.

6. Let’s face it, everyone goes through an awkward stage. Hers just happened to feature a fanny pack.

7. This guy lost the weight, but kept his awesome sense of humor.

8. A lot can happen between the ages of 13 and 22.

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9. From mom jeans to handsome dad! Hopefully his kid’s transition to good looks will be a bit smoother.

10. This guy swears he’s still the same person: “Shy, socially awkward, big eared and unlucky with the ladies.” Personally, I think his ears are pretty cute.

11. Here’s a face you might recognize! Even famous YouTube personalities have to get their start somewhere.

12. Aw, he traded his afro in for a pupper.

13. “I’m pretty sure I still harbor unresolved resentment towards my mother for convincing 5th grade me that my haircut looked ‘cute,'” wrote this Redditor.

14. Why didn’t puberty transform me like this?!

15. Well, he didn’t become Zorro, but he definitely learned how to dress.

16. This gorgeous woman said, “I’m still really awkward and make idiotic faces in most of my pictures but at least I have boobs now.”

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17. Shazam! It’s amazing how well braces work sometimes.

I wish someone had showed me pictures like these when I was going through my awkward teen years! Don’t forget to share these incredible transformations with your friends and family.



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