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  • What These Teens Did To A Mentally Disabled Man Will Make You Want To Cry


    At an early age, I was encouraged to see everyone as simply human, regardless of age, race, orientation or disability. Our uniqueness is what makes us special and our humanity is what brings us all together.

    And as a substitute teacher, some of my best days are spent working in the special education classrooms. Seeing kids overcome adversity and find unique ways to thrive is so fulfilling. For that reason, the video below absolutely breaks my heart.

    In the Germantown area of Philadelphia, a disabled man was minding his own business when a group of teens ganged up on him. One then sucker punched him in the face. In a state of complete shock, he fell backwards and stumbled away only to be struck once again. Their abuse and laughter are so cruel.

    The man in the video, later identified by co-worker Gerald Andrews by his first name, Mark, is described as someone who’s always in good spirits. Andrews was interviewed following the attack, saying, “He keeps that smile on his face. He wants to talk sports. He’s a good guy. It’s heartbreaking.”

    After going viral, the video was able to help police identify and arrest four teens associated with the brutal attack. They were charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment. The teen attackers are also being linked to another violent incident at a nearby school.

    (via Daily Mail and CBS Philly)

    It makes me sick to see anyone being brutalized because they’re different. Share this video if you think the teens’ actions are inexcusable.

  • Doctors Said He Just Had A Virus, But His Mom’s Persistence Saved His Life


    When Natasha Durling from Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, noticed that her son, Oliver, wasn’t feeling well last month, she assumed it was probably some kind of gastrointestinal virus.

    The poor little boy had a high fever, sore muscles, red eyes, and was weak from vomiting repeatedly. But when Oliver’s condition didn’t improve and got even worse, Natasha was convinced that something was seriously wrong with him. If she hadn’t trusted her intuition despite doctors disagreeing with her, Oliver might not still be alive today. Now she’s sharing his story to encourage other parents to always listen to their guts when it comes to their children.

    Between Thursday, May 18, and Sunday, May 22, Natasha says that Oliver’s symptoms worsened to the point that she called 8-1-1, a Canadian phone number for non-urgent health services. They told her to make a doctor’s appointment if his fever lasted more than five days.

    The next day, he wasn’t eating or drinking anything at all, and his eyes were bloodshot. Natasha took him to the hospital, where he was put in quarantine for a possible case of the measles. However, the doctor who examined him said it wasn’t measles and likely just a virus, as Oliver was up to date on all his vaccinations, including two measles shots. They were sent home.

    By Tuesday, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t even get out of bed and said he felt like he was dying. Nastasha says he was “covered from head to toe in the worst rash I have ever seen, his fever (with Tylenol and benadryl) was past 40°C and his lips were so swollen that they were cracked and bleeding.” She took him to a different hospital where she was told the same thing.

    At that point, she’d had enough and refused to leave. She demanded to see a pediatrician, who finally decided to run a measles test to be safe.

    After the dehydrated little boy got some much-needed IV fluids, he was able to get up and use the restroom so the nurse could get a urine sample. But as he was relieving himself, something horrifying happened. “As he’s peeing, he starts to panic yelling that he can’t see and that he’s blind, then gets right stiff, shakes and drops in my arms,” Natasha said.

    After this, the doctor determined that he had Kawasaki disease, a rare childhood condition that causes inflammation in the walls of some blood vessels. With blood transfusions and treatment, his rash was gone the next day and he was feeling a lot better, but it didn’t end there.

    The urine results showed that Oliver actually did test positive for the measles. By Friday, it was confirmed that he was suffering from both conditions, which is extremely rare. “Ollie is the ONLY know case of contracting measles while having all his up to date immunizations, and Kawasaki disease at the same time,” Natasha said.

    With the proper treatment, Oliver is no longer contagious and is doing much better now. But even though his vaccinations didn’t stop him from contracting measles, Natasha says that they’re the reason he’s still alive because they lessened the severity of the disease and gave his body a chance to fight the Kawasaki disease.

    Though it was a frightening and horrific experience for Natasha and Oliver, she’s sharing it with other parents in the hopes that it will save lives. “Trust your gut moms and dads. Fight for your kids if something doesn’t seem right! We know our kids, so don’t take no for an answer. And for the love of God, vaccinate your kids! Measles was supposed to be a dead disease.”

    (via MommyPage)

    Oliver’s very lucky to have such a great mom who isn’t afraid to fight for him, because this could have ended so tragically otherwise. You can help her with his medical costs by donating here, and please share their story with other parents to encourage them to always trust their instincts when it comes to their kids!

  • Footage Of Stampede After Hearing Firecrackers Is A Sign Of What Life Has Become


    Prior to the events of 9/11, many of us had never heard the phrase “terrorist attack” used in everyday conversation.

    But as the political climate of the world has changed over the past 16 years, so has our concept of safety. With the recent attacks in Manchester, London, and Kabul, fear of going about our day-to-day lives is ever-present. At this point, it feels like leaving home is a risk. Fittingly, as a crowd of sports fans in Turin heard a suspicious boom during the final game of the Champions League, their instinct was to panic.

    Fans had gathered in the Piazza San Carlo to watch the soccer final on giant screens when they heard a loud noise that they assumed was a bomb in light of recent events. In a matter of seconds, the crowd became a stampede filled with terrified fans racing for their lives. People could be heard screaming in fear as they pushed and shoved their way to safety. As it turned out, however, the noise had come from firecrackers.

    One seven-year-old boy was left in critical condition after he was trampled.

    More than 1,000 people were injured. It’s so tragic that this is where life is now. Fear is so ingrained that we’re always on high alert.

    (via Daily Mail)

    This is a heartbreaking testament to what terror has done to us, but my only hope is that we can continue rising above hatred and violence.

  • What She Endured At 11 Years Old Reveals A Horrifying Truth About Child Marriage


    Author Sherry Johnson was just 11 years old when she forcibly became a wife and mother. The father of her child was a 20-year-old member of her church who’d raped her.

    When she was a little girl, Johnson and her family attended a conservative Pentecostal church in Florida, and says she was sexually assaulted by both a minister and a parishioner, one of whom impregnated her. But when a rape investigation was launched by child welfare officials, her parents made the horrifying choice to end the investigation by forcing their 11-year-old daughter to marry her rapist. “It was a terrible life,” Johnson said. Now as an adult, she’s speaking out and fighting to stop child marriages in the U.S.

    At 11 years old, Johnson didn’t even fully understand the concept of marriage. “My mom asked me if I wanted to get married, and I said, ‘I don’t know, what is marriage, how do I act like a wife?’” she said. “She said, ‘Well, I guess you’re just going to get married.’”

    Though a government clerk in Tampa refused to marry the little girl, the family went to a Pinellas County clerk instead, who issued a marriage license. Unfortunately, Florida did not have a minimum marriage age back then and still doesn’t now, but Johnson hopes to change that with her story.

    Before her marriage eventually dissolved, she and her husband had nine children together. Johnson missed school, struggled to pay expenses, and had no help from him in raising their kids. She says he even abandoned all of them from time to time. Not having any means to support herself, she was helpless to leave. “You can’t get a job, you can’t get a car, you can’t get a license, you can’t sign a lease,” she said, “so why allow someone to marry when they’re still so young?”

  • These Cute Videos Prove Cops And Guards Loved This Concert As Much As We Did


    On May 22, suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a homemade bomb following singer Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

    In what was the deadliest attack in the U.K. since the July 2005 London bombings, 23 adults and children, including Abedi, were killed and 119 were injured. The youngest victim was just eight years old. Families of the victims as well as Grande herself were heartbroken and devastated in the wake of the senseless terrorist attack.

    On June 4, the One Love Manchester benefit concert was held at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, during which artists including Grande, Katy Perry, Coldplay, and Niall Horan performed for free to raise money for the Manchester Emergency Fund set up to help the victims and their families.

    Though concert goers had every reason to be overwhelmed with sadness, many, including this security guard, danced to show their love for One Love Manchester.

    In this sweet and adorable video, a policeman was recorded dancing in a circle with a group of young children.

    The concert ended up being a huge success, raising millions for the fund. To close, Grande sang a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Watch her powerful performance below.


    Our hearts go out to all the victims and the families who lost their loved ones in the Manchester attack and in the more recent attack in London. You can donate to the Manchester Emergency Fund here, and please share to honor the people who lost their lives.

  • It Looks Like He’s Just Riding A Motorcycle, But Take A Closer Look At His Bike


    Regardless of how you feel about cell phones, there’s no denying that they’ve made spotting and sharing social injustices way easier.

    Social media has lent a hand in catching criminals by allowing total strangers to share suspect photos and other bits of information online, which in turn can help authorities crack the case.

    After a social media post went viral, a city-wide man hunt was underway for this Texas dad who was caught putting his child’s life in danger while out for a joyride.

    A concerned dad posted a photo of Anthony Welsh riding a motorcycle with his baby sitting atop the gas tank on Facebook where it was shared hundreds of times.

    Texas law prohibits anyone under the age of five from riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, but sidecars are acceptable for children of all ages.

    Police were able to identify Welsh from the photo as well as eyewitness statements, which led to child endangerment charges being brought up against the man.

  • This Swift Takedown Is Why You Don’t Start Something You Just Can’t Finish


    We’ve all seen it happen: a customer goes completely bonkers on a manager for what is usually a small problem.

    Fortunately, most of these incidents don’t end in physical violence, though they can take their toll on service professionals. In 2015, a gas station manager was actually the victim of violence at the hands of a customer, but the footage is just now going viral.

    The customer came into the store “irate” and started causing additional problems. The manager of the Salt Lake City Chevron station told the angry woman that she would not be authorizing her card and asked her to leave, but she had other plans. She slapped the manager right in the face. What happens next, however, proves that sometimes people get just what they deserve.

    Watch as the manager takes control of the situation in the most badass way.

    I know who I want on my side if anyone starts picking on me, that’s for sure! Do you think she did the right thing? Let us know in the comments, and make sure you share this crazy incident with everyone you know.

  • When This Man Saw A Dog In A Net, He Knew He Had To Save It From A Horrid Fate


    We’ve written recently about the success animal activists have had in putting an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

    This is a huge victory for the thousands of dogs and cats that would be slaughtered there each year, but it’s important to remember that dog meat is still a delicacy in many Asian countries. Even though the festival has been stopped, dogs are still routinely sold for food in many of these places.

    One man was recently walking down the street when he looked up and saw dogs in nets being sold for meat by a vendor. He was so heartbroken that instead of walking by, he decided to do something.

    He took a picture of the dog inside the net to show how these animals are cruelly kept while they wait to be killed. It cost $90 to save his life.

    Outside of the net, the pup, whose name in Cantonese roughly translates to “Doggo,” started to perk up.

    He doesn’t have a dog-friendly home, so he lamented that he couldn’t save more of the animals. Doggo is currently living at his office while he figures out a permanent living situation for his new best friend.

    Look how happy he is! Dinner’s here!

    Xingyi Danielle first shared the story, which is about her father, on Twitter. She says she was surprised by what he did but is so proud of her dad.

    Twitter / @xingyidanielle

    (via BoredPanda)

    I’m so glad Doggo has someone to love and care for him after the horror he’s been through. Share his story if you believe the practice of selling dog meat should be stopped completely.

  • If You Love American Ninja Warrior, You’ll Freak Out When You See What This Dad Made


    Loads of people (including me) are fans of the show “American Ninja Warrior.”

    The reality television program (along with its counterparts across the world) features athletes tackling obstacles that are tough by any standard imaginable. It’s a celebration of the human body and what’s possible with the right conditioning and training. Often, these athletes train for months or years before auditioning for the show because they’re not typical feats that they pull off in the gym every day.

    One dad in New York knew his son was a huge fan, so he took their old swing set in the backyard and converted it to a training ground for the 13-year-old boy. The results are totally impressive.

    In this video, the son shows off his moves on the obstacle course his father created. Just looking at him makes my muscles hurt!

    I know I’ll be rooting for him if he auditions for the show when he’s older! What a cool thing to do for your son. Share this with all the awesome dads you know.

  • This Girl Wrote A College Application Essay About Pizza…And It Got Her Into Yale


    Applying to colleges is a stressful experience, especially when it comes to writing those dreaded essays that are supposed to prove whether you’re a good enough fit for the school of your choice. No pressure, right?

    While it’s pretty safe to say that not many people particularly enjoy writing them, one teen from Brentwood, Tennessee, must have had a lot of fun with hers, because she chose to write about how much she loves pizza — and it landed her an acceptance letter from an Ivy League school.

    When she applied to Yale University, Carolina Williams decided there was no better topic to write about than her favorite cheesy meal.

    So when asked in the application to write about something she loves to do, she described ordering pizza from Papa John’s in this short paragraph.

    The admissions office must have been impressed by her dedication to pizza, because she got in!

    Her essay was certainly memorable, as evidenced by the messages she received from people working in admissions.

    One person was even inspired to order a pizza after reading it!

    But it got even better for Carolina. After she tweeted Papa John’s to let them know that her essay about their pizza got her into Yale, the company wrote back…

    …and hooked her up with free pizza for a year, one free pizza party at her dorm, and all this sweet merchandise!

    Papa John himself even congratulated her in the personal message below.


    (via BoredPanda)

    Though Carolina ultimately decided to attend Auburn University, it must have been a huge honor that her love of pizza got her into such a prestigious school. Share if you wish all college essays were as fun to write as hers!

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