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  • This Thing Used In The Winter Is Bad For Dogs, But Here’s How To Help Your Pup Out


    When winter rolls around in colder climates, something has to be done about all of the snow.

    After all, most of the time the world doesn’t stop just because there are a few inches of the white stuff on the ground. In many places, the people who manage snowfall are prepared with plows and coarse rock salt to help clear the roads. Salt has become an essential tool in the snow, helping to melt the stuff and keep icy patches off of driveways, outside stairs, and roadways.

    However, salt has the effect of drying out skin as well as snow, and those same roads sprinkled with salt are the roads that we walk our dogs on every day. How can we protect our furry friends’ feet? Here are some ideas.

    The industrial road salt can be incredibly destructive to dogs’ paws, and depending on where you live, the salt may be sprayed in toxic chemicals. That’s great for keeping us from sliding off the road, but it’s not great for dogs’ paw pads, which are exposed to antifreeze and other dangerous substances.

    Paw pads can withstand a lot, but when it comes to salt they might become dry, rougher, or even cracked. That’s no fun for you or the pup, who may be in pain.

    “Most ice-melt products are a skin irritant,” Erika Loftin, a veterinarian and critical care specialist at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, told The Dodo. “Depending on the materials used, the chemicals can cause dryness, cracking and even burns to a dog’s pads.”

    If you notice your pup’s feet are in need of some TLC, try making paw wax or a balm that will help moisturize and protect their precious paws. This can be applied as needed like lotion on dry skin.

    Facebook / The Dodo

    Simply wiping your dog’s feet down with warm, soapy water when coming back from a walk can help, too. If you clean off their feet, it’s less likely that they’ll lick the chemicals and become ill. “If a dog licks their paws after walking on it, they can ingest the ice-melt chemicals, which can be toxic,” Loftin notes.

    Salt poisoning symptoms are “drooling, vomiting, diarrhea [and] loss of appetite,” according to the ASPCA. This can lead to seizures or death if it goes untreated or if a large amount of chemicals are ingested.

    There’s also a hella cute way to make sure your pup’s paws stay in great shape. You guessed it: dog booties!

    They might seem funny at first or send your dog walking like the floor is lava, but in the end, boots like these, which can be found at any pet store or online, are one of the best ways to protect them in the winter.

    (via The Dodo)

    Of course, if you think anything is wrong with your doggo, make sure to call the vet. It’s so important to keep our furry friends happy and healthy, so pay attention to those paws! You’ll be back to enjoying the snow together in no time.


  • Awesome Video Shows How To Use Swear Words In Sign Language


    In recent years, sign language has quickly replaced Spanish and French as one of the most studied languages in school, and it’s easy to see why.

    With American sign language being one of the most expressive languages, it’s fun to use, and it’s all worth it when you can help someone experiencing deafness move about the world a little more easily. And despite never uttering a word out loud, these folks get mad, too! That’s where sign language swear words come in.

    So if you’ve ever wanted to take up sign language, what better place to start than with the naughty words?


    I can’t wait to start incorporating these signs into everyday life. Now I can curse people out without them even knowing it!

  • A Busker Handed A Homeless Man His Mic. The Music They Made Together Is Stunning


    For street musicians, called buskers, the days can be hit or miss.

    When it’s cold outside, one can wonder why they’re even doing this and why they love the culture around street performances so much. Still, we’ve all got to pay the bills, and the tips can be what keeps people coming out to perform.

    A busker named Jonny Walker had seen a homeless man named Bernard Davey around quite a bit. He was in a wheelchair, and he paid attention to his performances. Still, no one could have guessed what happened when Walker handed over the mic.

    Walker and Davey belt out an incredibly beautiful rendition of “Summertime” together, and fortunately it was all caught on video. Watch below.


    Youtube / Johnny Walker

    This beautiful encounter happened on New Year’s Eve two years ago. Here’s hoping some magic happens for you this New Year!

  • Here’s What Your Doggo’s Sleeping Position Says About Their Personality


    If you have a dog, there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ve looked at your pup while it’s sleeping and thought, “That can’t be comfortable!”

    The truth is, our pups sleep in a variety of positions with crazy angles and legs flying all over the place, but we don’t often stop to think about why in between taking pictures of the crazy pooches. Could there be a reason they choose to sleep the way they do that we don’t understand because we’re humans?

    It turns out, the answer might be yes. Just as a human might have a preference for sleeping on their side, back, toward the door, or away from the door, the way a dog is sleeping has a lot to do with how comfortable they are and how protected they feel. It might even clue you in to an interesting part of their personality. Here are the six positions and what they mean about your pooch.

    1. Side-sleeping means that your dog feels very comfortable and relaxed. They don’t feel in danger, so they leave their stomachs exposed. Still, this is a good position to sleep in if the pup guards the house because it’s easy to get up and bark if they sense something amiss (or hear the mailman). If your dog sleeps like this often, they may be goofy, happy, and loyal.

    2. A dog that sleeps all curled up is protecting their vital organs and conserving body heat. That doesn’t necessarily mean they feel unsafe, rather, it’s a natural instinct from the days when dogs were out in the wild. Still, you might see your pup curled up more like this in the winter when it’s easier for body heat to escape. A dog who sleeps like this may be easy-going and sweet.

    3. Dogs that do the ‘Superman’ pose while they nap, with all four legs straight out are ready for anything. This sleeping position makes it easier to get up and get moving, which means it’s generally for high-energy dogs with a lot of motivation. That’s why it makes sense that many puppies use it; they don’t want to miss out on anything!

    4. A pup who sleeps with crazy legs is VERY comfortable, confident, and secure. This is the most vulnerable position for a dog, and unlike some of the other sleeping positions, you would never see a wolf doing this in the wild because it would invite an attack. If your dog sleeps like this, they may be independent and calm.

    5. Doggos who sleep on their stomachs with their heads tucked may be more anxious. This sleeping position keeps the muscles tense, which doesn’t allow the dog to reach REM sleep. They may be timid and shy, and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their anxiety levels when they’re awake.

    6. Pups who full on pass out on their backs, legs relaxed or straight up in the air, are also very comfortable, but they may be trying to cool off or cool down after expending a lot of energy. A pup who does this is very confident (again, it’s a vulnerable position), and they may be adaptable to new situations.

    (via Little Things)

    This is totally fascinating. I definitely see my dog’s mood and personality represented in these sleeping positions. Usually he’s #4. What about your pup? How do they usually sleep, and what might it say about them? Let us know in the comments.

  • Here’s The Hilarious Thing That’d Happen If Gollum Auditioned For These Movies


    One of the most iconic characters from “The Lord of The Rings” (LOTR) is Gollum, or Sméagol, everyone’s favorite ring-hungry, Hobbit-hating, fish-eating creature who would die happy if he could just have his “precious.”

    Some of the things that make the former Hobbit so great are his distinct voice, bizarre mannerisms and split personality — all of which make for seriously entertaining impressions. That’s why we all get such a kick out of people who impersonate him for non-LOTR purposes. Take Ian James Walters, who loves singing popular songs as Gollum. A few years back, he decided to record mock auditions for a number of classic films while embodying the creepy character. The resulting video was priceless.

    Watch below as Gollum tries his hand at landing major roles for movies we all know and love.


    He may not have gotten any callbacks, but I’m sure the real Gollum would be proud. Be sure to check out more of Walters’ hilarious impersonations on YouTube.


  • She Grabbed Her Dog As A Comfort, But There’s Something Wrong With This Picture


    If you’ve ever tried our one of the latest virtual reality headsets, you know that they’re pretty intense.

    The technology has gotten so good that you actually feel like you’re part of the world of the game or video you’re looking at while using the headset. One mom recently got scared by what was on her screen, and the whole family was there to watch and laugh. She even grabbed the nearby dog for some comfort, but she didn’t quite get that right either…

    She spends the whole time hugging the wrong end, much to her family’s hysterical delight.


    Youtube / Tyler Mueller

    I could watch that video all day long. It’s too funny. Have you ever tried out virtual reality? Tell us all about it in the comments!

  • I Have A Sneaking Suspicion That This Dog Really Doesn’t Like His Human’s Flute Skills


    When you think of your favorite musicians, it’s important to remember that even the most advanced instrumentalists started off as total novices.

    Learning an instrument can be a difficult task, and having the discipline to keep with it can be even more taxing. But thanks to my love of music I was able to take up band in elementary school, and in addition to mastering the euphonium, I was also able to teach myself piano and guitar in my free time. And while outside practice can be an important aspect of learning a new instrument, not every member of the household will be so keen on listening to you practice.

    But when it comes to this beginner flute player, her four-legged pal has already reached his breaking point.

    Whenever the young girl begins playing, her retriever can be heard in the background moaning and groaning for the music to stop.


    How dare she interrupt his nap like this? Eventually, the young musician can’t help but laugh at her pet’s reaction to her attempts at making music.


    This honest pooch is able to say what most of us are too afraid to tell our tone-deaf friends. You don’t need to speak dog to know that this little fella has had enough of his owner’s musical nonsense.

  • Watch As One Man Reads A Popular Christmas Tale In A Ton Of Voices You Know And Love


    Countless people retell the iconic holiday story, “The Night Before Christmas,” every year during the holiday season. But what makes this man special is that he can read the tale in an impressive variety of voices.

    Scheiffer Bates is a talented voice actor and impressionist from the U.K. who can transform into any character or celebrity he chooses — at least, when it comes to how they speak and sound. So settle in, grab some blankets and hot coco, because you’re about to hear Bates’ version of the Christmas story, told in dozens of voices you’ll recognize right away.

    How does he do it?!


    If I’d only been listening instead of watching, I’d have sworn these were the actual people and characters talking. Check out more of Bates’ awesome impressions on YouTube.

  • This Woman Is Eating Her Mother For Christmas And I Wish We Were Lying


    Grief is a powerful emotion, and it can make us do things we wouldn’t normally do.

    From pets to human loved ones, loss hits everyone differently. Most choose to use their grief to honor their loved one in some way, whether that’s memorializing them, scattering ashes, or working to change laws if they died due to something preventable. Others express their grief online for others to see and find comfort in speaking to a counselor or others who have gone through the same situation.

    Still, grief knows no bounds, and one woman in the UK is causing controversy due to her plans to eat her mother’s ashes.

    Debra Parsons plans to scatter her mother’s ashes over each part of her Christmas dinner and consume them this holiday in order to feel as though her mother is living on through her.

    Her mother, Doreen, passed away in May, and her daughter has been grief-stricken ever since. It’s not the only tragedy to befall Parsons, who lost a child at Christmas in 1996.

    Parsons says she’s had “a small spoonful” of the ashes most days and claims this is the only thing that will help her get through the first holiday without her mother.

  • This Devastating Video Shows A Dog Burying Its Best Friend


    You hear stories all the time about dogs dealing with death in surprisingly human ways.

    Just like us, our furry friends can experience grief at the loss of their humans or another animal. They may get depressed, stop eating, or go through a personality change. And also just like humans, it takes time to recover from a loss.

    One dog in Chile is grieving the loss of his friend, and the way he helped bury the deceased dog is absolutely devastating.

    As soon as the body is placed in the grave, the pup starts filling it again, pushing dirt into the hole with his nose.

    Absolutely heartbreaking. I’m sure these two had a lot of fun running around together in their heydey.

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