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  • You’ll Want This Cutie To Be Part Of Your World When She Sings A Disney Classic


    Sometimes when I think about everything that’s going on in the world, I get really down.

    Every time I check the news or social media, it seems like one more crazy thing has happened. That’s why I try to take care of myself and seek out positive things online while still staying informed. Kids are some of the most positive forces in the universe; they’re our future, after all! And they can do some pretty adorable things. Steve Harvey’s TV series “Little Big Shots” showcases some little ones and their talents, and one little girl recently captured everyone’s hearts.

    You’ll recognize this Disney classic the minute she opens her mouth. I love that she gets every word right!


    This little cutie deserves to be part of everyone’s world. Share this video to brighten someone’s day or remind them just how much they love “The Little Mermaid.”


  • Mailman Installs Ramp Outside Of A Home On His Route For The Most Amazing Reason


    It’s not unusual for a mail carrier to come face-to-face with a dog or two along their daily route.

    But while most people try to confront the dog in an attempt to gain trust with the animal, one Colorado mailman waits for the animals to come to him before doing something he might soon regret.

    Jeff Kramer’s technique appears to be working out in his favor, especially for his special bond with an aging black Labrador named Tashi. On the first day on his route, Kramer and Tashi instantly hit it off, and now the two greet each other every day.

    But as time went on, Kramer quickly noticed that as Tashi continued to age, it became increasingly harder for the pooch to make it up and down his family’s porch steps.

    Tashi’s owners would have to carry the pup up and down the steps to greet the mailman.

    Bringing back memories of his own dog that had died of old age, Kramer knew he had to do something to help make Tashi’s life a bit more manageable.

    Transitioning from a mailman to a handyman , Kramer worked in the early morning hours on his day off to install a doggy ramp that would help Tashi easily move in and out of his home.

    Since the recent addition of the ramp, Tashi’s quality of life has improved and he makes use of the thoughtful gift every day to greet his BFF.

    (Via Today)

    Everyone should strive to be this kind!

  • If All Passengers Were As Cool As This Kid, Plane Rides Would Be So Much Better


    For many, traveling by plane is usually tolerable at best and miserable at worst — but that’s just because they haven’t had the pleasure of sharing a flight with this kid.

    Last month, two-year-old Guy took a Southwest Airlines flight with his mom. As soon as he boarded the plane, he starting bringing smiles to all the passengers’ faces with one simple yet sweet gesture that his mom couldn’t resist recording because it was so adorable.

    Watch as the precious toddler gives fist bumps to as many people he can while walking down the aisle.


    This cutie totally just made my day. Way to brighten up an otherwise mundane flight, little man!


  • Adorable Rat Drags Human Friend Over To See Her Brand New Baby


    When it comes to motherhood, humans and animals alike have strong feelings of love and pride for their babies. Just ask this sweet mom.

    The Gambian pouched rat had recently given birth, and she was so proud that she just had to show off her new baby to her favorite human. She was so enthusiastic about it, in fact, that she adorably dragged the person by the finger over to where the cutie was lying down.

    Watch as the happy mom makes sure her little one gets all the love and attention it deserves.


    This is way too precious. Congratulations on making such a cute babies, Mom!


  • This Senior Dog Fell Into The Water And Was Drowning. Then A Fireman Saved The Day!


    Rookie firefighter Emilio Sanchez might still be learning the ropes, but he’s certainly made a name for himself after footage of his heroic water rescue started circulating.

    Sanchez and his team responded to a call regarding a 12-year-old dog that was struggling to stay afloat in Biscayne Bay. Springing into action, Sanchez quickly strips off his clothes and dives in after the panicked animal. After grabbing onto the pup, the firefighter swims over to an orange stretcher that hoisted the animal to safety.

    Check out the amazing rescue in the video below!

    (Via Daily Mail)

    Just 30 minutes after the ordeal, the elderly dog was reunited with his owner all thanks to the heroic actions of Sanchez and his entire team.

  • What’s Trapping These Homeowners Will Make You Think They Should Just Burn It Down


    One of the most common fears out there is arachnophobia.

    People tend to not like spiders, especially in their living space. I’m usually a fan of capture and release when possible, but when I saw what one couple had to go through in Australia, I couldn’t help but think they should just burn the whole house down.

    Lauren Ansell and her partner were cooking a meal outside. When they turned to go back in the house, they saw something almost unbelievable on their door.

    This is a huntsman spider and it is beyond enormous. First, they gently shooed it away, which made it angry.

    But all in all, Ansell seemed relatively unbothered by the experience and says she nicknamed it Aragog after the giant spider in “Harry Potter.”

    Fortunately, the couple hasn’t seen the giant beast again, but they believe Aragog is living in their garden. Yikes. Maybe burn down the garden, too.


  • Orphaned Fawn Really Has No Idea That She’s Not The Family Dog


    Deer are my absolute favorite animals.

    I grew up in an area where there were tons of whitetail deer around, and I could even feed them from my hand. That’s why anytime I see someone caring for them, my heart is completely warmed.

    When a couple found a one to two-week-old fawn shivering on the side of the road, they rescued it and brought it to someone they thought could help. Now, after caring for the orphan and nursing her back to life, she has a chance to live in the wild.

    The fawn is a roe deer, and her rescuers have been hand-rearing her and letting her hang out in their living room. They feed her lamb’s milk.

    Even though she’s very comfortable in the house, she actually spends most of her time outside. Eventually, she’ll wander far enough away that she won’t come back inside.

    Check out the full story of this adorable rescue and see her prancing around inside the living room in this incredible video.

    I’m so glad someone could step in and help her and that she’ll be able to live a normal deer life soon enough!

  • Instead Of A Traditional Cake, These Two Opted For Something People Loved Even More


    Wedding days are one of the most special moments of a couple’s relationship.

    That’s why so many people freak out and try to make the day absolutely perfect. It makes sense to want such a momentous occasion to be great. One couple proved they were truly soulmates when they revealed to each other that they don’t really like cake and didn’t want to have it at their wedding. So in order to make the occasion special, they decided to do something so cool instead.

    Clayton Lee and Karen Chan contacted a custom pinata company. The couple gave them a picture of the cake they would have chosen and had them create a pinata of the three-tiered sweet.

    They filled the pinata with tiny bottles of booze, candy, and chips. Obviously, everyone was thrilled.

    That said, the pinata was a little too strong. Lee had to give it a bear hug to spill all the goodies.

    Take a look at this fun-loving couple and their unique take on wedding cakes.

    They couldn’t leave their guests without dessert entirely, though. They served churros with dulce de leche. Clearly, these two have just won weddings forever.

  • She Was Terrified When A Man Tried To Rob Her Store, But Then A Hero Showed Up


    Working retail comes with all kinds of dangers, but usually they’re pretty tame.

    Nothing hurts quite the same way as a rude customer’s comments and a bad day can regularly include an unidentified hunk of food stuck to your work clothes. When you’re working in public, especially if you’re the only one in the store, the possibility that you might be robbed is also a terrifying possibility. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s easy to freeze up or not know what to do.

    At a Starbucks in Fresno, California, a young female barista was confronted by a robber. What he didn’t know is that there was someone in the store who was not going to let him get away with it.

    A man now identified as Ryan Flores walked in wearing a Transformers mask, wielding a knife and a toy gun to rob the Starbucks location.

    Customer Craig Jerri snuck up from behind and bashed Flores in the head with a chair before tackling him to the ground. He managed to wrestle the knife away.

    “There’s probably not very many people in America who would do what Cregg Jerri did last night,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. “It was incredibly heroic and the way most people would think that they would respond but may not have the courage to respond.”

    Watch the incredible footage of his heroic actions below.


    While no one died in this incident, police do not recommend people put themselves at risk during a robbery. That said, they (and I) praise Jerri’s bravery. That’s the kind of guy I want around in a pinch!

  • Instead Of Doing Everything They Can To Protect These Animals, They’re Being Cruel


    Pandas are basically the face of endangered species, so zoos typically to a great job to help conserve and protect them.

    Breeding centers in China are one of the last defenses against extinction for the Giant Panda, the adorable creatures we know and love. That’s why it’s so shocking to think of someone abusing them. The social media site Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, was recently rocked by allegations of abuse against panda cubs when one user posted surveillance footage.

    The video shows agitated baby pandas being shoved and thrown around their enclosure by keepers who seem cruel and unaffected.

    Some say that pandas, even cubs, can act quite fiercely. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda says the cubs were overexcited, biting and clawing at the workers.

    Still, the breeding facility apologized, saying they recognized that the worker had acted “too forcefully.”

    Watch the video and decide for yourself. Did these keepers act appropriately or is this animal abuse?

    This video makes me so sad! I hope these keepers are fired or retrained to better deal with unruly cubs. These precious babies deserve to be treated with respect.


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