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  • This Airbnb Tenant Would Have Appreciated A Warning About The Insane Baboon Problem


    Airbnb has turned out to be one of the best ways to help people travel the world on a budget.

    The website, which allows people to rent out rooms or their entire homes to weary travelers, tends to offer cheaper options than hotels in many locations. It can also allow people to stay closer to attractions and experience the actual culture of the places they’re visiting.

    One man staying in South Africa, however, got a lot more of the local “culture” than he intended when he came home to his luxury Airbnb only to find seven baboons inside totally trashing the place.

    Despite the enormous mess, the baboons miraculously only broke one coffee cup during their rampage.

    This shocked tenant called the police, who helped usher these unwanted visitors safely outside. I guess that’s what happens when we live alongside wildlife! Share this with anyone who will get a kick out of this story.

  • Is That You, Bigfoot? Rangers Warn Californians About A Possible Escaped Ape


    Jake Gardiner was recently enjoying a nice walk through the woods in Crescenta, California, during his lunch break when he heard noises coming from nearby trees.

    He initially thought the sounds were made from birds or other animals known to live in the area, but after feeling a strange sensation that he was being watched, he decided to pull out his phone and try to capture anything out of the ordinary. What he ended up recording has the California Department of Fish and Wildlife warning the public that there could be an ape hiding in those woods.

    Gardiner didn’t notice anything at first when he reviewed his footage.

    But when he looked again, he noticed something in the background. “You can definitely see a torso and four limbs moving around and swinging around,” Gardiner told KTLA. “It’s a pretty obvious kind of motion.”

    Now officials are investigating and believe there could be a escaped ape that someone had been keeping as an illegal exotic pet. Check out what they have to say about the mysterious creature in the video below.

    As if people didn’t have enough to worry about these days without an ape on the loose. Share if there’s no way you’d ever step foot in those woods.

  • She’s Going To Be A Lot Of Great Things One Day But Outdoorsy Won’t Be One Of Them


    I live somewhere without much grass on the ground and I miss it.

    I used to love laying down in it and feeling the strands between my toes on a beautiful day. If you ask most people who aren’t allergic, they’d say that grass is pretty pleasant, right? You don’t even have to be that outdoorsy to appreciate its magic.

    One 11-month-old in Georgia is making it clear from the very beginning, however, that she’s not having any of it. The baby girl’s name is Kai, and her father, Pazi D, says she loves walking around while wearing shoes and will sit on a blanket, but barefoot? That’s a whole other story.

    She totally refuses to put her feet down even for a second. Look at all that core strength at work!

    Well, I guess we all have our quirks. She’s too cute! Share this adorable baby and her grass phobia with all the parents in your life.

  • She Shoved Her Own Child Out Of The Car And Sped Off. Now She’s In Police Custody.


    Most parents can’t imagine their children crying alongside a highway, lost and confused.

    Then again, most children would never be in that situation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one precious five-year-old girl whose mother opened her car door and shoved the little girl out onto the sidewalk with some of her belongings and drove off. Crazily enough, this woman also has a one-year-old baby who was in the back seat the whole time.

    At 8:30 p.m., the woman left the little girl on the sidewalk at an intersection in San Francisco. Fortunately, an ambulance just so happened to be driving by and witnessed the incident. They said the girl did not appear to be physically injured.

    People at the location, which is near the San Francisco Zoo, informed police that prior to the girl’s abandonment, they saw the woman throwing items and a man on a skateboard fleeing.

    The man has been identified as the father of the one-year-old, and he has cooperated with police to help them find the mother. She’s now in police custody.

    Learn more about this confusing and troubling story from this news segment about the abandonment.

    (via CBS SF Bay Area)

    This story is so unsettling. I hope these children are placed with someone who can care for them properly and that this woman is held responsible for her despicable actions.

  • In Case You Were Wondering, This Is A Really Excellent Way To Lose A Hand


    Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

    After all, we see idiots doing reckless things all the time here at ViralNova. The number one rule has got to be this: don’t touch wild animals. I know it’s tempting, but these creatures do not want you to touch them. Still not convinced?

    When one man was driving with his girlfriend, he spotted an alligator at the edge of the water. He decided to get out and get a closer look, and what he did next almost cost him a limb.

    Sorry, dude, but you are not the Crocodile Hunter.

    Ugh…people. Share this unparalleled display of pure crazy if it makes you wonder how humans have made it this far.

  • That’s One Way To Take A Tooth Out. Dad Ties String To Bird To Pull Child’s Tooth.


    We all remember as a child going to some pretty outrageous extremes to force a loose tooth out all for the sake of making a few bucks from the Tooth Fairy.

    And while most kids resort to the tried and true method of attaching a string to the tooth and slamming a door shut, one father and son in China gave that approach a twist.

    The man and his son can be seen tying the other end of a strand of string to the foot of their pet parrot, Xiang Xiang. While Dad grabs his camera to start recording, the bird begins to take flight to help its human friend make his way to payday. In just a matter of seconds, the tooth can be seen dangling from the string!

    From the short clip, it seems like the entire tooth extraction was painless for everyone involved!

    (via Daily Mail)

    This parrot certainly gave the boy a reason to smile! Share this video if you or someone you know would be crazy enough to try it at home.

  • What’s On The Other Side Of The Rainbow? If You Ask This Dad, A Fidget Spinner!


    Chances are that if you’re the parent of any small children or pre-teens, your house has already gone fidget spinner crazy.

    These addictive toys are marketed as a means for relieving stress, but any parent or teacher can tell you that they’re more of a distraction than anything else. Some schools have even gone as far as banning the spinning toys from their classrooms, and perhaps rightfully so. But as your kids search the web to learn the newest spinner tricks, one dad is showing off how these toys can make everyday tasks, including washing the car, that much more enjoyable.

    David Freiheit and his girls were out giving the family car a scrub when Dad decided to show off a unique trick by creating something beautiful using a hose and a fidget spinner.

    To prove that nothing out of the ordinary was happening, he first sprays a stream of water above the car.

    But when he adds the fidget spinner to the mix, the girls are wowed by a colorful surprise!

    (via Daily Mail)

    What a great way to kick off Pride month! To find more of Freiheit’s fidget spinner tricks and other rambunctious antics, check out his YouTube channel. And be sure to share this story with other spinner-obsessed families so they can try out this awesome trick for themselves!

  • Iconic Woman Does What We’d All Want To Do If We Caught Our Man Cheating


    One of the worst feelings in the world is being dumped, let alone dumped right before a wedding.

    Khristella Joseph was devastated when she found out that her fiance was cheating on her, and he added salt to the wound by telling her that he never loved her and thought their whole relationship was “a big joke.” She obviously wanted nothing to do with the items she’d gathered for her wedding, but when she tried to return her wedding dress, the store wouldn’t take it. She also attempted to sell the $200 dress to another bride-to-be online with no luck.

    That’s when she decided to do the most badass thing to get rid of this terrible memory.

    First, she pulls out the lighter fluid, and then…good riddance!

    Khristella has been through so much, and I hope this act of defiance gives her closure on a terrible situation. Share this if you would do the same thing if you found out your relationship was a sham.

  • Their Baby Was Dying, But They Chose ‘Faith Healing’ Instead. Now The Child Is Gone.


    When someone gets sick, their religious friends often offer to pray for them as they recover.

    While many people believe in the power of prayer, they usually also acknowledge the need for doctors and modern medicine. After all, God gave us doctors to help us get through these difficult times, right? Not so in the minds of “faith healers,” or people who believe that faith alone should be able to heal any ailment.

    While adults are free to do and believe whatever they want, faith healing can become illegal when parents deny their children appropriate medical care under the guise of faith. This is abuse, and it’s resulted in multiple deaths.

    Sarah and Travis Mitchell belong to Followers of Christ Church, where they are firm believers in faith healing. Sarah’s sister Shannon and her husband were sentenced to six years in prison after their infant son died in 2009.

    And more recently, Sarah herself gave birth to twin girls in her home. The infants were seven weeks premature, and due to complications, one of them died shortly after birth. The other needed medical attention, but they did not call 9-1-1.

    The Mitchells have been arrested and charged with murder and criminal mistreatment. Their surviving daughter is now getting medical attention. Learn more about the heartbreaking case below.


  • Donald Trump Avoids Holding Melania’s Hand Because He Wants An Alpha Male Image, Says Body Language Expert


    When it comes to public displays of affection, everyone’s different – whilst some couples happily make out when surrounded by lots of people, others feeling uncomfortable simply holding hands with their significant other.

    Recent developments show that the new President of the U.S. may be in the latter camp, but according to a body language expert, this could suggest more than just an uneasiness with public intimacy.

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