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  • When His Mom Never Came To Get Him, Authorities Learned Some Heartbreaking Things


    A Pennsylvania mother is facing multiple charges after she left her five-year-old son with a neighbor and went missing.

    A warrant was issued for the arrest of Rochelle Daniels after she left the boy with a neighbor for more than two days. He eventually snuck out and walked to another home; the woman there called his aunt. When the aunt went to his mother’s apartment, she found it to be a disorganized mess.

    After a police report was filed regarding the missing mother, the boy informed police and his aunt that this was a frequent occurrence — his mother would often leave him alone for long periods of time. She sometimes forced him to take pills in order to fall asleep, as well.

    Additionally, the boy said that his mother once made him smoke a white substance, which police believe was crack cocaine, from a long pipe. He also alleged that his mother would violently beat him with a paddle or belt for no reason at all.

    In an interview with Child Protective Services, the young boy stated that what scares him the most is his mother.


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    (via WESH 2)

    I can’t even imagine all of the horrors that this little boy had to endure under the care of his mother. He is now safe, and his mother is living in a treatment facility.

  • Mom Calls 9-1-1 And Confesses To Killing Both Of Her Children


    On Thursday, November 17, Brandi Worley called 9-1-1 and calmly stated, “I just stabbed myself and killed my two children.”

    When police arrived at her house in Darlington, Indiana, they found the dead bodies of her young children in one of the bedrooms. The 30-year-old’s husband, Jason, had been sleeping in the basement throughout the entire incident.

    Charlie and Tyler were three and seven years old, respectively, when their lives were tragically cut short.

    After killing them, Worley stabbed herself in the neck and was later taken to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital.

    Worley’s husband filed for divorce a day earlier, but it isn’t clear if that’s why she decided to end her children’s lives.

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    Exactly how she killed them is still unknown.


    Those poor, innocent children will never get to grow up because of their mother’s horrific actions.

    (via Metro)

    No amount of jail time will ever bring them back, but I sincerely hope that Worley spends the rest of her life behind bars.

  • Stunning Patterned Floor Is Made From An Unconventional Material…$150 In Pennies


    Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your pennies?

    Most of us don’t really use them, and there’s enough of a debate about whether or not they should even be part of U.S. currency that there’s a whole Wikipedia page about it. Regardless of their usefulness as actual money, people are constantly finding new ways to craft with the shiny coins.

    Take what Imgur user TonyaTooners did with a ton of coins in her house.

    started by measuring the center of her space. She experimented with patterns before landing on a good one.

    Penny by penny, she glued each one down.

    Slowly but surely, the project expanded. When the pattern got close to a wall it was time to start thinking about a border.

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    First, she tried a ton of different borders that didn’t quite work.

    She finally settled on one…then the darker pennies ran out! Because sulphur reacts with copper to darken the metal, TonyaTooners placed an order for liver of sulphur so she could continue.

    Almost done! Look at all that glue.

    Charcoal grout was added, but the floor wasn’t quite done yet.

    Next came epoxy, which cost more than the $150 worth of pennies that made up the floor. Notice the incredible detail — every other row is heads or tails.

    The finished product is simply amazing. Unless you looked closely, you’d never even know it’s made of coins.

    I’m suddenly overcome by the urge to cover everything I own in pennies. What other surfaces do you think would work for this kind of DIY?

  • It Looked Like This Polar Bear Might Attack, But Then Things Turned Adorable


    Polar bears are some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

    The carnivores can become extremely vicious and kill at a moment’s notice, especially if they think their cubs are being threatened. They have no qualms about attacking anything that moves, but one Canadian bear’s behavior surprised everyone.

    For whatever reason, this polar bear decided to put aside its predatory nature for a while when it came across a sled dog in Churchill, Manitoba. The person filming the encounter likely thought it would end very badly, but then the bear did something adorable.

    “You’re gonna be my new pet, dog.”

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    While this shows that bears and dogs do sometimes get along, you should never underestimate the ferocity of these creatures.


  • This Mom Told Police Her Toddler Strangled Her Baby, But The Truth Is Far Worse


    It’s hard to think of anything more heinous than murdering your own child, but this mother capped off her terrible crime by claiming that her two-year-old son was the killer.

    On November 10, authorities went to the Florida home of Kristen DePasquale. She told police that she was taking a shower and returned to find her one-year-old daughter, Mia, strangled to death with a set of Halloween lights. The only other person in the house at the time was her two-year-old son, and she blamed him for the crime.

    No one knows what drove Kristen to murder her daughter. It’s believed that the baby was strangled for four to six minutes before going into cardiac arrest.

    Medical examiners knew right away that the toddler could not have killed his younger sister. The marks on her neck made it obvious that force had been applied by someone much stronger.

    This didn’t surprise authorities, who noticed that Kristen was wearing makeup when they went to her home and doubted her shower story from the start. She was taken into custody and charged with child neglect and first-degree murder.

    Her son was handed over to his grandparents. Kristen’s partner and the children’s father, Mike Rice, is currently serving time in prison for a variety of charges that include grand theft and battery on an officer.

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    To learn more about this heartbreaking case, check out the video below.


    Kristen’s son is now safe, but nothing can bring back Mia. Our hearts go out to her family during this devastating time.

  • This Teacher’s Aide Had Sex With Teen Students — Was Her Husband In On It?


    On Wednesday, November 16, Sheri Maufort was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with two teenage boys.

    The 42-year-old had been working as a teacher’s aide at Unionville High School in Chester County, Pennsylvania, since 2015, where she met the two male students that she eventually had sexual contact with. What makes things more disturbing is that her husband was involved in these illegal encounters.

    Police say that the first incident occurred in August of this year. Maufort picked up one of the teens, who is a minor, in her vehicle and parked at a restaurant. The two then walked to a nearby field, where she performed oral sex on him after giving him alcohol.

    Her husband drove him home, but it isn’t clear if he knew what happened.

    Almost a month later, Maufort picked up an 18-year-old student from a party and drove to a location where she kissed him and allegedly touched his penis.

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    School administrators became aware of the incidents in November. They reported her to the Pennsylvania State Police, who arrested her soon after.

    Maufort is due in court on November 28. The charges against her include institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors, and endangering the welfare of a child.

    (via Daily Mail)

    Because Maufort works for a company that assigns substitute teachers and teacher’s aides to various schools, the Chester County district attorney is looking into every school she has worked at to make sure there aren’t any other victims.

  • 10 Customer Twitter Fails That Are Beyond Hilarious


    Usually, when considering customer support and failures, you might think that the company’s done something wrong. However, on rare occasions, the customer is in the wrong. In their attempts to share their regretful experiences or just seeking help from the company, these customers have taken it to social media and twitter for their answers. Yet, as with anything else, before you post on social media you should always think twice. These people didn’t. With that in mind and without any other further adieu, here are 10 Customer Twitter Fails That Are Beyond Hilarious.


    Next time, before making a conclusion and tweeting out, you should make sure that you are looking at both sides of the issue.

    Tesco’s Stand-Up

    Tesco’s Twitter account also seems to double up as a stand-up comedian.

    O2’s Burn

    James should certainly go and take a cold shower, but even that won’t heal the burn left to him by O2.

    The Customer’s Tounge

    Good Thing ArgosHelpers can talk the language of their cusotmers!

  • This Mom Put Her Baby On The Changing Table…Then Something Unbelievable Happened


    A nine-year-old boy in Florida is being hailed as a hero after catching his falling baby brother just inches from the ground.

    Tila Levi was home alone with her five children when the incident happened. She laid her 11-month-old on the changing table and turned her back for a split second when the unthinkable happened — the 30-pound baby boy rolled off of the table. His big brother Joseph immediately sprang into action.

    Watch the dramatic home security footage below, which shows Joseph leaping across the room with arms outstretched to save his brother.

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    Way to go, Joseph! You’re definitely a hero in our book.


  • This Woman Chose Her Dream Home Over Having Another Kid And Others Are Up In Arms


    In the U.S., it’s no secret that raising a child can cost a pretty penny.

    In 2013, it was estimated that raising a child until the age of 18 can cost parents over $245,000. If you have a family with three or more kids, you’re spending a small fortune just to ensure your children have everything they need. While most parents would prioritize their children over luxury goods, there’s no denying that at $245,000, you could buy a pretty lavish house in most towns across the country.

    So how exactly do your prioritize having more children and living in your dream house? One mom is learning the hard way that making that choice isn’t as easy as it seems (especially if you share that decision online).

    In an article written for Elle Decor, stay-at-home mother Sarah Scott detailed the sacrifice of giving up having a child to purchase her dream home.

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    After giving birth to two healthy kids, Scott and her husband contemplated having a third child. When the possibility of owning their dream home came to be, they had to weigh the pros and cons of growing their family or buying a new, luxurious house.

    “By our early thirties, we were able to sell our first starter home to build the fully-loaded luxury home of our dreams. With that said, certain sacrifices had to be made for this dream to come true for us. The first being that we can only afford to have two children,” Scott writes.

    After crunching the numbers, Scott concluded that going all-in for her dream home would allow her to stay at home with her kids and go on one family vacation per year.

    Immediately after purchasing the home of her dreams, Scott had buyer’s remorse. She had such a strong desire for another child, but the purchase of the luxury home had eliminated all possibilities of future children.

    Immediately after purchasing the home of her dreams, Scott had buyer’s remorse. She had such a strong desire for another child, but the purchase of the luxury home had eliminated all possibilities of future children.

    Getty Images

    Having another child would mean that Scott would have to find a job, as well as give up the family’s timeshare vacation home. Ultimately, they’d also have to move out of the house that started this mess.

    Readers of Scott’s article were quick to ridicule the mom, not because she didn’t want more children, but because she prioritized trivialities over a lifelong dream to bring three amazing little humans into the world.

    Readers of Scott’s article were quick to ridicule the mom, not because she didn't want more children, but because she prioritized trivialities over a lifelong dream to bring three amazing little humans into the world.

    Getty Images

    Right or wrong, Scott’s choice has people across the country buzzing.


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    You can read the original article here. Would you make financial sacrifices for another child if it meant having to give up a life of luxury? Let us know in the comments.

    (via Little Things)

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