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  • This Girl Is All Of Us When We Run Out Of Time To Make A Cute Halloween Costume


    When it comes to Halloween, I always wait until the last possible second to figure out what I’m going to wear.

    While that usually ends with me buying the most generic-looking costume completely lacking in originality, I’ve realized now that I’ve been doing it all wrong.

    Three-year-old Keeley is from Norfolk, England, and all she wants to do is become Spider-Man, her favorite superhero. The only way she knew how to make this a reality was to sneak into her mom’s makeup storage and use her bright red lipstick…

    Something tells me she stole more than one tube.

    I’m not sure I’d be able to keep a straight face if I was her mom — that sight is way too cute (and hilarious). Just learn how to climb walls like this kid and you’ll be the real deal, Keeley!


  • This Iguana Completely Lost It When He Saw A Stuffed Toy…Jeez!


    I’ve never really had much experience with reptiles, so I couldn’t tell you a whole lot about iguanas.

    I’ve always thought that they were relaxed, calm critters — that is, until I saw how easy it is to provoke them into a murderous rage. Take this angry lizard, for example.

    When introduced to a stuffed version of himself, he was NOT impressed, to say the least. He was so upset by what he saw, in fact, that he went totally nuts on the thing.

    Well, I’m never messing with one of these guys.


    Apparently, male iguanas are territorial creatures, so they can become very aggressive at times, especially if they spot a female during their mating season.


    Some people who own them actually use these toys to help them burn off that built-up aggression so they don’t attack.


    I guess it’s better to destroy a toy rather than someone’s hand, right? Don’t worry, buddy, I’d be running too.


  • If You Think You’re Good At Jumping Rope, Just Wait Until You See These Girls In Action


    When I was in elementary school, skipping rope during recess was the cool thing to do.

    Unfortunately, my skills were more than a little lacking, so I was left out of all the fun. I could only jump with one short rope while all the other girls were mastering their double Dutch techniques. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get it down. That’s why I’m so jealous of what this amazing team can do.

    During the 2016 World Rope Skipping Championships (yes, that exists) in Malmö, Sweden, these girls brought their best routines — and boy, are they impressive.

    There’s no way I could ever do this.


    Okay, I’ll be completely honest here. I had no idea that rope skipping championships were a thing. With that being said, these ladies completely slayed it. You go, girls!


  • Add A Little Fall Flair To Your Home With This Adorable Flower Display


    It’s barely October and already pumpkins have taken over every inch of our existence.

    Now before you start getting sick of pumpkin-spice everything, there’s actually so much you can do with the autumn squash to help your house feel like fall. Sandra from QCDesign has a quick and easy floral arrangement that will breathe a bit of the season into your dining room centerpieces. All you need is a plastic Tupperware container, some beautiful flowers, and a pumpkin.

    This DIY vase is so simple yet absolutely beautiful.

    Begin by tracing a hole around the stem of your pumpkin using your plastic container.

    Then, carve out the the traced area of the pumpkin.

    Safely remove the stem and scoop out the seeds.

    Insert the plastic container into the carved hole.

    Prep and trim your flowers to the size of the container.

    Arrange them however you wish, just don’t forget to add water!

    For the full instructions, watch the tutorial below:


  • He Turned An Old Beer Keg Into An Awesome Electric Smoker — I Need This!


    If you love having amazing backyard barbecues, then you probably have a smoker (or really want one).

    Unfortunately, these bad boys can run you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, it’s a pleasure that you’d normally have to do without. But did you know that you could make your own from a beer keg?

    Instructables user BennyOne sure did, because after finding an old, expired keg and bringing it home, he cut it up and turned it into an awesome electric smoker without having to weld anything!

    He first pounded a hole into one end to drain the remaining beer inside.

    Then he got straight to cutting the bottom portion off.

    He used a flapper wheel to smooth out the cuts and avoid creating extremely sharp edges.

    Next, he drilled holes into the bottom for the legs.

    Then he used nuts and bolts to attach them.

    The builder wanted the top part of the keg to fit onto the bottom with a small overlap, so he pounded the edge to create an outward curve.

    It turned out to be a perfect fit!

    But he wanted to make sure that the top wouldn’t fall too low or rest crookedly, so he divided and cut a piece of steel into sections.

    After bending those pieces into tabs, he sanded and painted each one.

    Once they were screwed in, the crafter realized that they worked really well for holding the top portion of the keg in place.

    For the heat source, he took apart an electric burner and attached the control knob through a hole in the drum.

    He also needed to drill holes in the center of the pan and the base so that he could string a power cord through.

    After drilling the last hole inside the bottom of the keg, he threaded the cord inside.

    Then he attached one wire to the control knob and into the inside of the burner before wrapping the wires with fiberglass.

    With the heat source finished, BennyOne decided to cut a hole in the side so he’d be able to grab the handle of the pan.

    Then it was time to test out the smoker with some hickory.


    Satisfied that everything was working, he took a piece of steel and hammered it into a curve that matched the keg wall.

    After painting the flap, he attached it with a hinge so it would open and close easily.

    To help the smoker accommodate two grills, he cut and sanded three pieces of steel piping before painting and screwing them in.

    The builder was worried about moisture running down the interior walls, so he took a portion of the piece he had cut out for pan access and bent it.

    Then he used it to cover the inside of the control knob and protect it from any wetness.

    He also covered it and the wiring with high-temperature metal tape for extra protection.

    After all of his hard work, the only thing left to do was buy a thermometer and test out the smoker.

    He placed some fresh salmon inside and cooked it for a couple of hours.

    Needless to say, it worked out deliciously.

    The best part is that any time he wants his own smoked meat, all he has to do is plug it in!

    He’s definitely going to have some amazing backyard barbecues with that masterpiece. If you’d love to try your hand at making a smoker, you can find the full instructions here.

  • Not Even Cerebral Palsy Can Stop This Inspirational Bodybuilder


    Wade McCrae Washington is no stranger to overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

    After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just 11 months old, doctors didn’t expect the young boy to live past the age of 10. At 12 years old, he was given another life-altering diagnosis: severe scoliosis. From a young age, Washington had big dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. Others told him to give up, but he kept working toward his goal.

    With the help of his friend and personal trainer, he was able to find a way to live his dream. After years of training, Washington proudly displays his professional bodybuilding card.

    Learn more about this man’s incredible story in the video below.


    You’ve probably said “I can’t” more than once this week, but stories like that of Wade McCrae Washington prove anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work.


  • Genius Replaces Smartphones With Butter In Stock Photos And Wins The Internet


    You know what makes me happy? Butter.


    It’s delicious and cheap, which are literally my only two requirements for food at this point in my life.

    I just want you to tell me what’s better than slicing open a piping-hot baked potato and dropping some butter in the middle or telling the nice young man at the movie theater to load up that bag because people who eat movie theater popcorn without butter are unholy heathens.

    I typically see potatoes, popcorn, and pancakes as being butter’s most satisfying companions, but I was recently introduced to a butter mashup of epic proportions. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…butter and stock photos.


    Okay, I know it sounds like I’m working with little to no brainpower, but stay with me.

    One clever photo editor decided to take those stock photos that we all love to hate and replace people’s smartphones with sticks of butter. In a pure stroke of genius, this mastermind basically won life and the internet. Weirdly, they also captured my affection for butter in the process.

    Prepare for some Paula Deen-type realness, folks.


    He would go to that work meeting in a half hour, but butter.

    Why waste your life comparing yourself to people on social media when you could stare into the eyes of someone you love?

    Hilarious tweet? No, even butter. (I hate myself.)

    Getting that late-night text is way better when you replace the human interaction part with salty fat.

    “New butter, who dis?”

    I always love making up stories for people in stock photos. This one says, “My wife just left me because I keep butter in my pocket but also I have butter in my pocket, so who’s winning here?”

    When you think about it, sending tweets out into the void is about as useful as smashing your thumbs into room-temperature butter.

    In the original, this visibly angry woman was reading yet another “thoughts and prayers” tweet. In this version, she’s just thinking really hard about how #blessed she is to live such an extravagant lifestyle.

    I just feel like if we stared at butter as often as we stare at our phones while fighting with racist uncles on Facebook, we’d be so much happier.

    That feeling when you’re about to call the barber to help you get rid of that atrocity on your head but you realize you’re just holding butter with your crooked monster hand.

    “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

    Has Facebook ever made you smile like this? Of course not. That’s butter’s job.

    Utterly pointless? Yes. Better than reading all 6,000 of your work emails? Most definitely.


  • Hate The Look Of Your Brick Anything? Change It With This Simple Method!


    I’ve always loved my brick house, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s a fan of that classic red look.

    If anything you own is covered with bricks and, unlike me, you’ve grown to really dislike that aesthetic, this woman has a great solution for you!

    Redditor petitedanseure quickly grew tired of her red brick fireplace but wasn’t sure how to change it. She first considered painting it, but she wanted more texture than paint could offer. That’s when she came up with the perfect way to give it a complete makeover.

    The fireplace didn’t fit her style, so she decided to buy a bag of powdered limestone.

    After mixing it with polyurethane finish, she applied a coat to the bricks.

    Then she sanded the mantle and gave it a dark stain, finishing with a couple coats of polyurethane.

    It looks so much more modern and bright!

    Now she can sit back and enjoy her cozy fireplace to the fullest. If you’re ready to change the look of just about anything made of brick, you can find the full instructions here.


  • Marine Comes Home Early And Surprises His Mother While She’s At Work


    Tonya Wilson was going about her workday when someone walked through the door who would soon bring her to tears.

    While washing a client’s hair, Tonya was surprised by the sight of her Marine son Kendall, who had been gone for six months while he was stationed in North Carolina. The shocked mother stopped everything she was doing and pulled her favorite guy in close. This emotional reunion is one for the books!

    There’s nothing I love more than a surprise homecoming like this one. If you need me, I’ll be crying in a corner.


  • This Baby Orangutan’s First Day Of School Is Too Sweet For Words


    If you think humans are the only ones who send their kiddos off to school, think again.

    From bus rides to lunchtime, these baby orangutans go through the same motions that their human counterparts do. And their first day is a big deal, too! But for baby orangutan Didik, that special day was even more incredible. Just a few weeks prior, our adorable friend was found with a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

    Veterinarians found him at an abandoned Indonesian store and they believe that Didik was grazed by a bullet after his mother was shot. The ordeal was likely the result of a struggle to pry him away from Mom so that he could be sold as a pet.

    Watch as this little nugget gets back on his feet with some help from his human friends!

    I had no idea that orangutan school was so legit. Sign me up. This seems like it’d be way more fun than the torture I endured in human school.


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