Move Over, Humans. Turns Out Animals Love Summer Water Sports, Too!


With summer in full swing, most pet owners love few things more than hanging with their fur babies in the beautiful weather.

But as it turns out, Fifi and Fido want in on the water sports action, too. Apparently, they can water ski with the best of them. So whether they’re surfing some killer waves or paddle boarding into the sunset, these 20 animals can’t seem to get enough of the water.

1. Anyone who says cats hate water clearly hasn’t met this nugget!

Anyone who says cats hate water clearly hasn't met this nugget!

Reddit / glenSW

2. These athletic primates live by the motto, “monkey sea, monkey do!”


3. “Cowabunga Doodz!”

4. Yep, these cats surf. Take it in.


5. This pup loves hanging out with Mom everywhere, even on the water.

6. This one-eyed cat surfs better than I ever could.


7. “Is it my turn to steer yet, Dad?”

8. This bear can’t wait to hit the pool and hang ten.


9. This nugget is just starting to realize his water sporting potential.

10. Here we have a pint-sized pup with a huge appetite for adventure.


11. “If I just stand here, maybe Mom will do all the work.”

12. Are these two wearing matching sunglasses?

13. Talk about a ruff rider!

14. They know how to beat the heat family style!

15. “That’s right. Look what I can do.”

16. It’s not every day you see this!


17. That’s what I call living your best life.

18. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

19. “Where’d everybody go?”

20. This pooch has a need for speed.


Look out, humans. These pets are about to steal our summer thunder. Be sure to share their antics with all the pet moms and dads in your life!



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