Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Makes An Amazing Speech About Donations

CZI and other global health philanthropies can complement other global health efforts. CZI can do things that organizations like WHO can’t do.

For example, organizations like WHO can’t really fund scientific research on their own. Organizations like CZI have shown a greater willingness to take more risks than governments, shift resources around more quickly, and encourage national governments to continue to invest in global health. If CZI remains separate from WHO, Chan and Zuckerberg won’t be able to use their resources to change WHO’s agenda, a charge levied against many of the voluntary contributions given to WHO.

Instead, CZI is focusing its resources on one particular niche within global health, aiming to fill a gap rather than trying to be everything and encouraging bold strategies. What remains to be seen, of course, is whether its ambitious plan will yield useful outcomes.

CZI’s 10-year program isn’t likely to eliminate disease. Zuckerberg himself noted during Chan Zuckerberg Science’s unveiling that it “doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick.” But CZI’s efforts can add to what the world already has, bringing more research and more attention to global health.




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