Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Makes An Amazing Speech About Donations

Moreover, Chan and Zuckerberg aren’t setting up a tax-exempt nonprofit organization akin to that of most philanthropies. CZI is a limited liability corporation. That means Chan and Zuckerberg receive no tax benefit, but they retain much more control over how CZI uses its resources and are subject to fewer public reporting requirements.
These decisions have provoked some backlash. Anil Dash criticized CZI for not channeling its resources through existing organizations and because of the likelihood of waste, while the Guardian questioned whether this sort of philanthropy can actually achieve social change. Sam Biddle alleges that CZI’s stated goals are too intangible and rooted in “a technocrat’s dream and an actual normal human being’s nightmare.” Gillian B. White argues that CZI’s corporate structure will allow it “to essentially do what it wants without traditional oversight.”



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