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Melania Trump is a prosperous watch and jewelry designer and a former model, but she’s most popularly recognized for her marriage to American tycoon real estate developer and the 2016 U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump. Melanie currently has an assessed personal net worth of about $11 million.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump Though born in Yugoslavia, she became a perpetual resident of the United States in the year 2001, which turned into legal citizenship in the year 2006.

Her marriage to Donald Trump has been her main source of celebrity. She met Donald Trump in the year 2004, marrying a year later. Despite the fact that Donald Trump has a large net worth, there’s a prenuptial arrangement in place that stops her from taking advantage of his affluence.

Despite the fact that Melania has a college degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, she decided on pursuing a career as a model. With her beautiful face and proportionate measurements, it’s easy to see why she chose to go for a field that places high significance on her looks. She’s appeared in a variation of publications, comprising InStyle, Bazaar, Front, Vogue, and GQ.

Melania is heavily elaborate with numerous different charitable foundations. Most of her associations comprise the Martha Graham Dance Company, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Boy’s Club of New York, the Police Athletic League, the Fifth Annual National Love Our Kids Day and The American Red Cross.

Melania is currently supporting her husband’s presidential campaign. When interrogated about her support, she specified, “I exhilarated him because I know what he’ll do and what he can do for The United States of America. He adores the American people and wants to help them.” She told New York Times, “I will be very customary. Like Jackie Kennedy or Betty Ford. I will support him.”

Jonathan Goldsmith Net Worth

Jonathan Goldsmith is known for his depiction of the character of “The Most Remarkable Man in the whole World” on advertisements for Dos Equis alcoholic drink. Goldsmith is a businessman and an American actor born in the New York on September 26th, the year 1938 and presently has a net worth of around $8 million dollars.

jonathan goldsmith

Jonathan goldsmith although much of Goldsmith’s wealth was gotten from his contract with Dos Equis, he also operated heavily within the film industry likewise accomplishing his own ground-breaking business.

Goldsmith started acting when he was 17years, when he went to Boston University for the subject matter. He has accumulated a long list of small roles from closely 350 television shows, together with renowned shows like Bonanza, Murder, Hawaii Five-O, She Wrote, Gunsmoke and his part in the series Dallas. Along with television attendances, Goldsmith was involved heavily in the Hollywood production for Western films, playing roles in 25 movies in the 1960’s and 70’s. This comprised the movie The Shootist by much-admired director John Wayne in the year 1976. Some years later, Goldsmith got a starring role in the movie Go Tell the Spartans in the year 1978. Despite his heavy participation in acting, he never got strong financial success within the film industry.

Though much of Goldsmith’s financial achievement was from his part as The Most Interesting Man in the World, he also found affluence through his entrepreneurial occupational endeavors after he left acting in the year 1991. This was via his work as vice president of an intercontinental business marketing waterless car wash products. Goldsmith’s effort with this business allowed him to retire well in advance prior to him being encouraged to try out for a contract with Dos Equis.

Together with his entrepreneurial and acting work, Goldsmith has been involved heavily in charitable causes. Including his assistance with many organizations together with the S.A.B.R.E. Foundation, the Morris Animal Foundation, the Stella Link Foundation, Free Arts for Abused Children, as well as being a verbal advocate for sufferers of land mine related injuries.


Emily VanCamp Net Worth

Emily VanCamp is an actress from Canada born in Port Perry, Ontario. She’s 29 years old and she’s been employed as an actress since she was 13. VanCamp starred in many prosperous movies and TV shows that have led to an assessed net worth of $4 million.

Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp discovered an agent and began working in commercials. Later she got her first television starring role as Peggy Gregory in a TV show termed “Are you afraid of the dark?” In the year 2002, she was a regular cast member of the show “Glory Days,” playing the part of Sam Dolan, a starring role that also marked VanCamp’s huge break. In the year 2003, she was termed one of E! Online’s “Sizzling’ 16.”

Six months after “Glory Days” ended she got her next big starring role in the TV show “Everwood,” A show where she played the personality of Amy Abbott and for which she was nominated in the Young Artist Awards in the category of “Supportive Young Actress” and also got nominated in four Teenager Choice Awards in the categories of “Best TV Actress – Action Adventure/Drama” and “Best TV Interaction.” The show was concluded after four seasons and about 89 episodes.

Later, in the year 2007, at the age of 20, Emily VanCamp was casted as a regular in the show “Brothers & Sisters,” a show where she performed for 75 episodes. In her years in “Brothers & Sisters,” she starred in several movies and TV shows as well as “Norman”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for which she received an estimated amount of $228.571.

In the year 2011, VanCamp took the starring role of Emily Thorne in an ABC drama termed “Revenge,” for which she made $55.000 for each episode. For her starring role in “Revenge” she also got nominated for two Teen Choice Awards in the classification of “Best TV Actress: Drama” and a nomination for a TV Guide Awards. Her newest film credits include her starring roles in the movies “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier,” “Beyond the Blackboard,” “The Girl in the Book” and her imminent role in the film “Captain America: Civil War.”

Sidney Crosby Net Worth

Sidney Crosby is a prominent Canadian specialized hockey player born on August 7th, the year 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has a net worth of about $45 million dollars.

sidney crosby

Sidney Crosby’s most documented moments in his ice hockey career comprise his overtime goal which produced a gold medal for the Canadian men’s team in their home game during the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Crosby started his career with the NHL in the year 2005 as a part of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In this season as a novice, Crosby notched 102 points, surpassing a record to be the youngest player to ever mark over 100 points in a season. His points increased in his subsequent season with the NHL, as he scored 120 points in 2006. At the age of nineteen, this made him become the youngest kid in history leading the scoring system of the NHL. Crosby also held one more accomplishment in being the youngest captain in the NHL when he was given the title for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the year 2007.

Crosby also took part in World Championship and Olympic teams. Although he wasn’t included for the 2006 team, he was summoned to the 2010 and 2014 Canadian Winter Olympic ice hockey teams. Crosby was given the title of alternative captain for the men’s team of 2010 and scored the legendary winning goal in overtime to win a gold medal for Canada.

Crosby was given the title of captain for the men’s hockey team in the 2014 Winter Olympics inside Sochi, also fetching home a gold medal win for Canada. Another gold medal was won for Canada in the 2015 World Championships in Czech Republic, a competition where Crosby was also named captain.

Presently, he still serves as the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the U.S, after signing a 12-year contract in the year 2007 for $95.4 million dollars, and a salary of about $12 million per year for the first nine years of his contract. In Feb, the year 2016, he scored his 900th point in his NHL career.


Gina Carano Net Worth

Here is an American multi-career woman who is an actress, fitness model, mixed martial artist, television personality with an appraised net worth of $3-4 million dollars. Born on April 16th, the year 1982 in Dallas, Texas and had spent most of her childhood active in sports, ultimately leading to her first vocation in MMA.

gina carano

Gina Carano is best identified for her involvement as a competitor in EliteXC and Strikeforce, two on-screen mixed martial arts fighting establishments. She has lately pursued acting, with starring roles in numerous Hollywood films and TV series. Her diverse careers in film, MMA, television and modeling.

While graduating the University of Nevada with a minor in psychology, Gina started her career in MMA by pursuing Muay Thai fighting. Her triumph in the sport led to her receiving an invite to partake with World’s Extreme Fighting in the first female MMA fight. Furthermore, she also got an invite to contest in World Pro Fighting inside Las Vegas. She began fighting on Strike force in the year 2006, winning the first two fights and partaking in the first female fight for the association.

In the year 2007, she joined EliteXC, partaking and winning the first on-screen female fight for the network Showtime. Her profession in MMA has gained her salutation as a highly powerful woman as well as being a robust contribution to her affluence.

Gina used her MMA understanding to debut in film and television in the year 2006, starring in an autonomous cult movie named “Ring Girls”. In the year 2007, she took part in two television shows, American Gladiator and Fight Girls. She also took a minor role in an episode of the series Almost Human. Her first appearance into the mainstream film production started with her starring role in the 2011 spy thriller “Haywire”.

Her occupation in Hollywood was persistent as she went on to receive roles in “In the Blood” during 2014 “Fast & Furious 6” in 2013, and “Deadpool” in 2015. Though Gina has not fought since the year 2009, she hasn’t retired formally from the sport and is presently focusing on her acting job.

Ki Hong Lee Net Worth

Here is a Korean-born actor who relocated with his family to Los Angeles, CA at the age of eight. At 29, Lee’s appraised net worth is $4 Million.

ki hong lee

Lee earned his fortune through roles in popular movies like The Maze Runner, where he took on the character Minho, and on TV shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where he played Dong Nguyen for six episodes.

Lee studied psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and made his stage first appearance in the play Wrinkles in the year 2011. From there on, he succeeded in a series of TV shows including Modern Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and most superbly on The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Lee continued his fruitful career by moving onto major movie roles, starting with Away We Happened in the year 2012.

Since then he’s starred in films like The Stanford Prison Experiment and in the prosperous Maze Runner movies, reenacting his Minho role for The Scorch Trials, the sequel, Maze Runner:, in late 2015. The third part of this science fiction action succession, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, is presently in production and planned for 2017 release.

Additional success has been attained via a number of single episode TV appearances on shows like New Girl, NCIS, The Client List, Blue Bloods and The Whispers. Lee has also extended his success by performing in a number of critically much-admired short films, many of which were made by Wong Fu Productions, an establishment which Lee has been diligently connected to all through his career. These short films comprise Take It Slow, All In All, Fratervention, Always You, The End of Bro’ing Out, Mother Lover, This Is How We Never Met, The Master Chef, To Those Nights, Somewhere Like This, This Time and She Has A Boyfriend.


Erik Asla Net Worth

Well-known as Tyra Bank’s boyfriend, he’s a photographer from Norway with an estimated worth of $3 million usd. This pales in contrast to Tyra’s fortune, but hey who is counting.

erik asla

Erik is in his 50’s and has a son named York. The couple’s been dating since the year 2014. He’s worked as a subordinate to Herb Ritts, and his work has been circulated in widely held magazines like ELLE, GQ, The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Bazaar,.

Some of his income was derived via commercial works, however you can view some of Erick’s personal photography pieces on his website where he provides his services.


Kristen Wiig Net Worth

Kristen Wiig is an American comedian and actress well-known for her part in Saturday Night Live. Alongside comedy and acting, Wiig also works as a writer and producer. Her career in the comedy and film industries has contributed to her estimated net worth of USD $12-16 million dollars.

kristen wiigWiig was born in Canandaigua, New York on August 22nd, 1973 and spent much of her life growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Rochester, New York. She started her career in the entertainment industry as part of various comedy groups in the Los Angeles area, including the group Groundlings.

She eventually went on to debut on the famed TV series Saturday Night Live in 2005. She spent seven years with the program before departing in 2012. During those years, Wiig was praised for her contributions to Saturday Night Live, being nominated for numerous Emmy awards for her performances.

Wiig has also worked with the film industry in various roles after her debut in 2006. For the period between 2006 and 2011, she would take part in nearly 20 small parts and supporting roles in various well-known films. These included “Knocked Up” in 2007, “Whip It” and “Adventureland” in 2009 and “MacGruber” in 2010. Wiig also lent her voice for a handful of animated films, voice acting characters in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, as well as both the first and second films of “Despicable Me”.

Wiig had her first successful lead role in the 2011 film “Bridesmaids”, in which she also co-wrote with a co-worker, Annie Mumolo, from the comedy group Groundlings. Bridesmaids was nominated for two Golden Globe awards and two Academy Awards including the Golden Globe nomination of Wiig herself as a Best Actress and an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

Wiig has also landed roles more recently in the 2016 remake of the film “Ghostbusters” as well as the Zoolander sequel “Zoolander No. 2” increasing her income substantially.



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