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    Ever Wonder What Happens When A Sea Lion Dreams? Wonder No More!

    One of my favorite things in the world is when my dog has a dream. I love to watch his little paws move as his dream self chases a rabbit or runs an agility course or whatever it is that he’s got happening up in his brain. I guess I don’t think that much about […]

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    Caring Husband Comes Up With The Best Way To Get His Wife Amazing Gifts

    I consider myself to be really good at giving gifts, but it can be a huge source of stress for people. After all, you want to get something you know the other person is going to absolutely love. In relationships, the pressure can be stacked even higher to make your significant other’s day. Jordan Lebeau […]

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    Here’s Why One Photo Taken From Inside A Plane Is Making People Furious

    When we travel with our pets, we want them to be as safe and comfortable as possible. It’s an awful, nerve-racking experience for both animals and humans, which is why we’re willing to pay top dollar to have our furry friends fly. Many airlines have special dedicated staff who take care of the animals that […]

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    Video Of Itchy Dog Is The Funniest, Weirdest Thing You’ll See All Week

    I’m prone to getting tons of mosquito bites, so after a certain point in the summer, I’m an itching machine. A Boston terrier named Riley, however, has me beat when it comes to efficiency. The pup recently made everyone laugh out loud when she put her face and neck on the carpet and started crawling […]

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    If All Passengers Were As Cool As This Kid, Plane Rides Would Be So Much Better

    For many, traveling by plane is usually tolerable at best and miserable at worst — but that’s just because they haven’t had the pleasure of sharing a flight with this kid. Last month, two-year-old Guy took a Southwest Airlines flight with his mom. As soon as he boarded the plane, he starting bringing smiles to […]

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    This Senior Dog Fell Into The Water And Was Drowning. Then A Fireman Saved The Day!

    Rookie firefighter Emilio Sanchez might still be learning the ropes, but he’s certainly made a name for himself after footage of his heroic water rescue started circulating. Sanchez and his team responded to a call regarding a 12-year-old dog that was struggling to stay afloat in Biscayne Bay. Springing into action, Sanchez quickly strips off […]

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    Adorable Rat Drags Human Friend Over To See Her Brand New Baby

    When it comes to motherhood, humans and animals alike have strong feelings of love and pride for their babies. Just ask this sweet mom. The Gambian pouched rat had recently given birth, and she was so proud that she just had to show off her new baby to her favorite human. She was so enthusiastic […]

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    Orphaned Fawn Really Has No Idea That She’s Not The Family Dog

    Deer are my absolute favorite animals. I grew up in an area where there were tons of whitetail deer around, and I could even feed them from my hand. That’s why anytime I see someone caring for them, my heart is completely warmed. When a couple found a one to two-week-old fawn shivering on the […]

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