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    Tragic Eyewitness Video Shows Immediate Aftermath Of Athlete’s Fatal Plane Crash

    On November 7, two-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Roy Halladay passed away at 40 years old when his ICON A5 plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, the small aircraft went down at around noon that day. Halladay had been passionate about becoming […]

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    The Moment This Dog Sees Its Human After Three Years Will Make Your Heart Melt

    Our animals are our best friends, and we do our best to keep them healthy and happy. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to them for a little while, whether that’s due to military service or unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately there are usually people out there who can help care for our pets in the meantime and […]

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    Mom Fires Back After Passersby See Her Dragging Her Child On A Leash

    Back in October, people became outraged after watching a viral video of a mom in Liverpool, England. The 31-year-old unnamed woman could be seen dragging her son across the pavement in public with what looks like a leash. Some who viewed the footage called her a monster and an animal, saying that what she did […]

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    Street Dog With Horrible Skin Disease Get The Second Chance He Deserves

    There are so many animals out there who need our help, especially street dogs. Street dogs are common in countries like India, and the downside is that sick pups often don’t get the care they need because they don’t have owners. Fortunately, there are rescues like Animal Aid Unlimited working to rescue these dogs when […]

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    This Coffee-Pouring Brain Teaser Is Confusing Everyone, But Can You Solve It?

    It may be the caffeinated fuel that gets most of us through every single work day, but this coffee conundrum has left numerous Twitter users scratching their heads. Twitter user @_herbeautyxo posted a coffee brainteaser in which a jug of Joe is poured into a system of pipes leading to four separate coffee cups. Each […]

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    Michael The Christmas-Hating Dog Went To Great Lengths To Let Mom Know How He Felt

    People have some pretty strong feelings about when the Christmas season starts. For me, I’m pretty much decking the halls the second the stroke hits midnight on Halloween, but lots of people think we should wait until after Thanksgiving. Apparently our pets have the same sorts of opinions on Christmas decorations. At least, Michael the […]

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    He Was Filming At Niagara Falls When He Captured Something Horrific

    Thousands of people flock to the U.S. and Canada each year to take in the sights at one of the largest tourist attractions on the East Coast: Niagara Falls. But while most people come to escape their normal lives for a day full of selfies, souvenirs, and lots and lots of water, others have a […]

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    Crafter Uses Wood And Motorcycle Parts To Create Something So Useful

    This do-it-yourself project was the culmination of a total accident that led one crafter to repurpose some extra junk lying around his garage. Imgur user Kai028 was in a terrible accident that left his old motorcycle completely totaled back in 2014. Left with nothing but damaged spare parts, he knew he wasn’t going to make […]

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