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  • It’s A Role No One Expected Her To Play, But Now This Dog’s A Mom To Eight Baby Pigs


    Once a mom, always a mom.

    Mothers have the truly amazing ability to step in and nurture, even when it’s a totally different species. When Treasure the boxer was introduced to eight orphaned piglets, she stepped up to the plate as their surrogate mom.

    Since Treasure was a stray, no one knows her background or if she previously had puppies. It seems like that might be the case, though, because once the pigs started suckling, Treasure produced milk.

    She even appeared with her “puppies” on Australia’s Today Show, though they were getting a little on her nerves. We feel you, Mama.

    That’s Mom life for you! I love these kind of stories. What’s your favorite inter-species friendship?

  • What This Jogger Does On Her Daily Run Is…Uh, Kind Of Crappy To Say The Least


    In Colorado Springs, Colorado, something smells funny.

    In today’s case of “Who DOES that?” I present Exhibit A: pooping on someone’s lawn. You might be tempted to say, “No one in their right mind does that.” I would agree with you, but for one community it’s become a real (and recurring) problem. Someone’s shit is on the loose, and it’s even become a police matter.

    Cathy Budde took this photo of a female jogger who her kids told her was pooping on their lawn.

    When Budde confronted the woman, now called “The Mad Pooper,” she said, “Yeah, sorry.” Then she ran off.

    Still, the pooping hasn’t stopped. They have to deal with the poop and napkins at least once per week.

    It seems especially insane given there are public restrooms less than a block away in every direction.

    The Colorado Springs Police are on the case, and they say nearby homes and businesses have also been affected.

    (via ScaryMommy)

    Police are now releasing the images of her in hopes she or someone who knows her will come forward and stop the madness.


    This is so, so gross. I can’t imagine what would possess someone to keep doing this. Here’s hoping the police get the community out of this crappy situation soon.

  • Her Husband Dropped A Wallet With $1,500. She Was Stunned By What A Teen Did With It


    We’d all like to think that if we were stuck in a moral dilemma we’d do the right thing.

    One of these classic questions comes down to what you would do if you found a wallet full of cash. The right answer, of course, is to turn it in. But there are a lot of people out there who would take the cash for themselves, then turn it in, or fail to do so at all.

    I think if you polled a bunch of teenagers who don’t have much self control OR money, the odds would increase that the cash would make its way into their pockets instead of back to the owner. Fortunately for Melissa Vang, the teenager who stopped by her house recently had his moral compass right on target.

    Tyler Opdyke was passing out flyers for his uncle’s business when he found the wallet, which contained multiple credit cards and about $1,500 in cash.

    He held the wallet up to the security camera and knocked on the front door. No one answered, so he left it right outside. The owner, Melissa Vang, was inside the house but didn’t want to answer the door for a stranger.

    Fortunately, Tyler returned later to make sure she received the wallet, which her husband had dropped. She gave him a reward, and she urged others to share the video of her surveillance system to recognize him for his good deed.

    Vang wrote on Facebook, “We hear so much terrible news and barely any good. I think we all need to be reminded that there are still good people out there. His act of kindness cannot go unrecognized. 🙌🏼 Thank you Tyler.”

    (via DailyMail)

    I agree with Ms. Vang! We need more people like Tyler in the world. It’s so awesome that they were able to give him a reward.

  • She Was Teased For Her Love Of Bugs. Now This Girl’s Name Is On Something Amazing.


    Eight-year-old Sophia Spencer has always been passionate about studying insects. In fact, that’s what she wants to do when she grows up.

    Grasshoppers are her favorite, and she’s even been know to give them rides on her shoulder, whether at home or school. Unfortunately, her peers didn’t seem to share Sophia’s interests in bugs and starting making fun of her for it. Sophia’s mom, on the other hand, is proud of her daughter’s hobby and wants to encourage her to pursue her dream career, so she decided to write in to the Entomological Society of Canada last year and ask for help.

    The organization was quick to put a call out for other entomologists to share their stories with the little girl…

    …and the response from women in particular was amazing.

    She even joined forces with Morgan Jackson, an entomology Ph.D. candidate, to co-write a scientific paper in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America on Twitter, entomology, and women in science.

  • This Truly Stupid Thing That’s Making People Mad Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes


    People say that others are too sensitive nowadays and get outraged too easily.

    There’s a lot going on in the world that’s actually outrageous, though, so a lot of the time this point of view falls flat. When we see bad things going on, even when they seem small, we should say something in order to make a change. I’ll be the first to admit, however, that some people are just stupid.

    Just ask Crayola. They recently made a change to their color offerings, and boy did people have opinions.

    Crayola announced that the yellowish Dandelion crayon would no longer be part of their boxes in March. They determined it would be replaced with a bright blue color.

    They ran a poll among their users with five names for the new color: Bluetiful, Blue Moon Bliss, Dreams Come Blue, Reach for the Stars and Star Spangled Blue.

    “Bluetiful” was chosen as the new, punny name with 40 percent of the vote. Some people with a little too much time on their hands had things to say about the new name online.

    Some took issue with what the portmanteau is teaching kids.

    Twitter / @julie_loiseau

    Others thought it would be confusing.

    Twitter / @natycakes_xo

    Fortunately, cooler heads were there to appreciate the change.

    Twitter / @DavidRWilson1

    “In Kindergarten we teach nonsense words because they are important for learning to read,” Catherine Baublitz, a kindergarten teacher in Atlanta, told CNN. “Nonsense words are parts of whole words. (They) help with learning syllables and help to build confidence in decoding.”

    (via CNN)

    This isn’t exactly the debate of the century. The fact that people can get mad about something so small is part of what makes humanity “bluetiful” I guess.

  • Plenty Of Teachers Decorate Their Classrooms, But What This One Did Is Truly Magical


    Many of us grew up reading the “Harry Potter” novels in school, but how amazing would have been if we got to go to Hogwarts ourselves?

    That’s exactly what the seventh and eighth graders in Kyle Hubler’s class in Hillsboro, Oregon, were greeted with when they went back to school this year. Like most other middle school teachers, Hubler decorated his classroom before school started back up, but the Harry Potter fan really outdid himself with a Hogwarts-themed paradise.

    In a project that took around 70 hours to complete, Hubler wrote acceptance letters to his students, similar to those the fictional Hogwarts students received before going to school.

    He also decorated every inch of his classroom to look like it belongs in the Harry Potter world, including the hallway outside his front door and even his office!

    When the students saw, they were amazed. “I heard audible gasps and saw jaws drop to the floor,” Hubler told the Huffington Post. “They were scrambling around the room to inspect every little detail and were excitedly showing their peers what they discovered.”

    “I really love what I do, and I love the students I get to work with. I want them to feel like my class is a place they are excited about going to and to have fun learning,” he said. Check out his entire classroom below!

    (via Daily Mail)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but now I kind of wish I was back in middle school. The world really needs more dedicated and passionate teachers like Mr. Hubler…or should I say Professor Hubler?

  • He Stepped On Something At The Beach. What It Ended Up Being Was So Special


    After a wedding is over, the pictures are there to remind us of the special occasion.

    My parents had a wedding book of photos that they really cherished, and I loved looking at it as a kid. Not everyone can afford a professional photographer, but nowadays cameras are so advanced that almost anyone can take over in a pinch.

    That’s what high school sweethearts Heather and Kole decided to do for their beach wedding, but things didn’t turn out quite as planned.

    They placed their camera down for a moment on top of a sea wall, only to see it swept away moments later.

    They thought their memories would have to stay forever in their minds, but two months later something amazing happened.

    Alex Noble and his girlfriend, Maria, stepped on the camera while walking on the beach. Everyone thought the contents would be destroyed.

    Against all odds, they were able to save 172 pictures! Check out the whole story in the video below.


    Youtube / Inside Edition

    This is so incredible! That newlywed couple must be so grateful to their new friends.

  • It Was A Normal Football Game, But Watch What Happens When A Player Sees The Referee


    I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of military homecomings.

    It’s a really special moment between family members who have all sacrificed to protect us. When Joe Egersheim came back from a year stationed in Kuwait as part of the Army Reserves, he wanted to surprise his son and daughter. He chose a football game as the perfect stage for their reunion.

    Everyone went to huddle up, but one player named Cole thought things seemed a little bit “off.”

    That’s when he realized who the ref actually was. Welcome home, Dad!

    His daughter, Olivia, is a cheerleader. She was also on the field and came running over.

    Watch the entire heartwarming reunion below.


    Youtube / Inside Edition

    This is such an adorable idea for a surprise, and I’m sure the whole family is grateful to have Dad home safe and sound.

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