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  • A Contestant At A Skating Competition Came Out And Wowed The Audience (And She’s 90)


    If I ever make it to 90 years old, I imagine that I’ll spend most of my time sitting in a rocking chair. Yvonne Dowlen, on the other hand? She kept right on ice skating like a champ, literally until the day she died.

    When Dowlen wasn’t skating herself, she was on the ice teaching kids the basics of figure skating. Her career began in her 20s as an Ice Capades star, but nearly ended after she suffered a concussion in a car wreck at the age of 80. Doctors said she’d never skate again, but Dowlen kept training off the ice until they gave her the green light to continue with her passion.

    At the age of 90, Dowlen was still performing in ice skating competitions across America. As a long-term member of the Ice Skating Institute, she also taught many children how to skate.

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    Dowlen was known to say, “For me, it’s very important just to stand on the ice.” However, even in old age, she was doing much more than that!

    Here you can see Dowlen perform in what would be her very last national competition. As she leaps, twirls, and spins across the ice, it’s unbelievable to think that she is nine decades old.


    Sadly, Dowlen died on May 2, 2016, while skating at an ice rink in Colorado. Her death was not caused by injury. Rather, her heart gave out while she was doing what she loved most.

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    Dowlen certainly didn’t let her age stop her from living life to the fullest. Be sure to share this inspirational lady with your friends and family, especially those who are passionate about doing what they love.

  • She Put Her Toddler To Bed In A Onesie, And The Poor Thing Almost Choked To Death!


    There’s a reason onesies are incredibly popular baby clothing. But one mom’s warning might make you wean your kids off of them — and fast.

    Katie Price has put her daughter in more than a few onesies in her day, but what happened to her three-year-old recently set her off from allowing the little one to wear them to bed.

    Her daughter almost choked to death.

    Price writes on Facebook that her three-year-old daughter climbed into bed with her wearing the onesie pictured here.

    When her daughter scooted around to get comfortable, the back slid down and the front zipper slid up to her throat, choking her.

    “She couldn’t even tell me or try get my attention because she was suffocating,” Price said.

    Fortunately, she was right there to help. She says she won’t be buying any more zip-up onesies, and she now wants to warn other parents against sending their little ones to bed in similar outfits to keep other children from having the same experience.

    (via Huffington Post)

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    That’s a terrifying experience! I’m so glad her daughter is okay. SHARE this with all the parents you know so they, too, can keep their kids safe.

  • This Little Boy Just Went To The Zoo And Had A Realization We Can All Agree With


    “They’re not being naughty! They just want to get out.”

    Most kids love going to the zoo, but when three-year-old Ollie Augustus saw animals behind bars for the first time, he had a completely different reaction. Although he’s just a toddler, he has some insights that are wise beyond his years. Luckily, Mom and Dad were there to film his adorable rant. If everyone had as much empathy as Ollie, the world would be a much better place for humans and animals alike.

    Listen to Ollie’s heartfelt criticism of the zoo industry in the video below.

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    Animals everywhere are lucky to have an advocate like Ollie! Be sure to share this little boy’s wisdom with your friends and family.

  • When Her Husband And Lover Couldn’t Get Her Pregnant, She Did Something So Heinous


    Not being able to have a child is a devastating reality for many women, but could you imagine if it drove someone to murder?

    Unfortunately for this woman’s ex-husband and lover, their inability to get her pregnant cost them their lives. In 2008, now 38-year-old Estibaliz Carranza, also known as the “ice cream killer,” shot and killed her former husband, Holger Holz, before dismembering his body with a chainsaw. Two years later, she did the same thing to Manfred Hinterberger, her new boyfriend.

    After divorcing Holz, Carranza says that he refused to move out of their home, so she snuck up behind him one night, held a gun to the back of his head, and shot him. A couple of years later, she shot Hinterberger in his sleep following a drunken argument.

    After divorcing Holz, Carranza says that he refused to move out of their home, so she snuck up behind him one night, held a gun to the back of his head, and shot him.  A couple of years later, she shot Hinterberger in his sleep following a drunken argument.

    Getty Images

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    She cut up both of their bodies with a chainsaw, froze them in a deep-freeze refrigerator, and hid the remains inside concrete in the basement of her ice cream shop in Vienna, Austria. She had reportedly taken a shooting class as well as a concrete mixing class just before Hinterberger’s murder.

  • He Was Reviewing Baby Cam Footage When He Saw His Wife Doing Something Hilarious


    It’s a struggle every parent has dealt with at least once in their life: putting their son or daughter to bed and getting them to sleep through the night.

    It never fails that once you somehow manage to get your tiny baby to fall asleep and sneak back to bed, something makes the tot erupt into tears.

    Baby cam footage has captured one tired mom going to some pretty stealthy extremes in order to keep her son sleeping soundly. After ensuring her little man was out like a light, she tries out her best moves and slowly creeps her way out of the nursery.

    Go Mama, go!


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    Hey, whatever works, right? Share this video if you or someone you know has gone to such insane lengths!

  • This Dog Went Up To A Bank Teller And Made The Cutest Withdrawal Ever


    Between my phone app and ATMs, I rarely go into my bank anymore.

    I don’t have to wait in long lines to access my account anymore, which is great. But if Gracie the golden retriever is any indication, I could be missing out on some adorable stuff by staying at home. This pup’s recent trip to her owner’s bank in Texas resulted in serious dividends (in treat form)!

    Watch as she hops from end to end of the counter and makes her withdrawals. Too cute!


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    Those tellers look so happy to see her. Maybe I’ll pop into my bank soon to see if anything this awesome is happening there. Be sure to share Gracie’s antics with the dog lovers in your life!

  • They Were Just Minding Their Own Business When A Massive Creature Surprised Them


    Remember when a terrifyingly huge alligator was spotted on a Lakeland, Florida, golf course in May of last year?

    Well, it looks like either that 15-foot beast has made another appearance or it has an equally huge relative hanging out at Polk’s Nature Discovery Center. While a group of tourists were enjoying a morning hike in the area this month, they witnessed a gigantic reptile crossing the path right in front of them.

    There’s no way I would have ever stayed that close.


    According to locals, the monster they call Hunchback has been around for decades.

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    Estimated to be between 13 and 15 feet long, this critter must have been an incredible (not to mention extremely scary) sight to witness.

    Would you have stuck around to take photos and videos like these people did? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share this story so others can see this modern dinosaur for themselves!

  • When Mom Took Her Baby Home From The Doctor, She Noticed That She Was Acting Drunk!


    In Australia, a doctor’s mistake nearly cost a six-month-old baby girl her life. For three days, her mother noticed that she was acting “drunk,” but the gravity of the situation was not realized until a nurse visited the family home and checked the little one’s prescription.

    Jessica Brough brought her daughter, Gracie, to the hospital for a routine appointment earlier this month. The doctor diagnosed the baby with acid reflux, and quickly sent the mom away with a prescription for three months worth of medicine. The pharmacist commented that it was a large dose, but instead of checking with the doctor’s office, filled the prescription for 10-milliliter doses. In reality, a baby of Gracie’s size should only have been taking 0.07.

    Brough followed the doctor’s orders and began giving Gracie the acid reflux medicine, but quickly noticed that her daughter was acting fuzzy and lethargic, almost as if she were drunk. When a nurse stopped by to check on Grace’s weight, Brough’s worst fears were confirmed.

    The doctor had prescribed a dose of medication that was nearly 20 times what Gracie should have been taking. As of now, the baby girl only has a rash, but since the medication had such a large dose of alcohol, she may have liver damage or other health issues in the future.

    Brough told Yahoo, “Given the three month dosage, it would have fried her brain, caused liver damage, or she could have died. That’s what the doctor told us…We won’t know what’s going to happen to Grace until she gets older and starts reaching those expected milestones.”

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    A local news station got in touch with the doctor, who said, “At the time, I thought the prescription was correct. In retrospect, I was wrong.” Understandably, Brough and her husband are disgusted by the lack of empathy and accountability, and are considering taking legal action against the hospital.

    Hopefully, baby Grace will recover from this incident without any future side effects. What would you do if your doctor made a mistake like this? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to SHARE this story with the parents in your life.

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