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  • This App Matches Your Face To Famous Artwork, Sometimes With Hilarious Results


    Over the past few days, you might have noticed your friends and family have shown an interest in some classic works of art. You have Google to thank for that.

    The surge in art enthusiasts stems from the addition of a facial recognition technology to the Internet mogul’s Arts & Culture app. Through the app, you can match your own selfies with a famous work of art. The selected works are pulled from a database of over 1,000 museums, so in most cases, your artistic counterparts should be pretty accurate…until they’re not.

    Not everyone is satisfied with their painting pairing and to be honest it’s easy to see why. Here’s a collection of some of the wackiest matches people couldn’t wait to share with the Internet.

  • These Bears Were Ready To Brawl…Until They Both Realized They’re Just Too Lazy


    We tend to view bears and other predators as terrifying, bloodthirsty beasts, but we often don’t consider that like us, they’re also goofballs who enjoy playing around with each other.

    And as many of us can say we reach peak laziness on a regular basis, so can bears, as demonstrated by this hilarious pair spotted in Otisville, New York. What initially appeared as the bear fight of the century turned into the laziest match ever when the two realized they couldn’t muster the energy to take each other down.

    At first glance, they look like they’re about to rip each other apart in a violent tussle, though they’re actually just play-fighting.

    Still, their brawl is pretty intimidating to watch…

    …that is, until they both give up and subsequently give in to their lazy urges.

    (via Daily Mail)

    I never thought I’d say I relate to a bear, but their sluggishness speaks to me in a way I can’t ignore. Stay lazy, my adorable friends.

  • Adorable Video Proves That Our Indoor Animals Aren’t The Only Ones Who Love Toys


    Let’s face it: our domesticated pets are totally spoiled.

    If they were living in the wild, they wouldn’t be able to wake us up at obscene hours for food or get their human snuggles in every day. They also wouldn’t get all the toys we spend so much money on each year.

    Wild animals play, too, but usually they have to make do with whatever’s laying around in the woods. However, one fox recently got the taste of the sweet life when he stumbled into a backyard after a heavy snowfall.

    The dog that lives in the house had left his toys outside before it snowed, so this wild fox decided to play with them. He even stuck around for a few hours!


    Youtube / ViralHog

    Our furry friends might not be so different from their wild counterparts after all. I hope that fox enjoyed his toy time. That pupper needs to learn to clean up after himself before they all disappear into the woods!

  • Boy Performs Emotional Tribute To The Little Brother He Lost On ‘Got Talent Global’


    From all the singing competitions I’ve seen on television, there are just a few that still stand out.

    These shows have taken over television around the world, and we’ve been introduced to so many new singers over the years. Sadly, most of them don’t make it big, but there’s something to be said for putting yourself out there and getting a well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame. There really are so many talented singers out there.

    One of them, a young teen who recently appeared on ‘Got Talent Global’ will certainly stick in my mind, as he had one of the most emotional auditions ever.

    Fletcher Pilon appeared on the show and sang an original song called “Infinite Child.” Pilon explained before his performance that his younger brother had died just three months before filming and he had written the song as a tribute to a boy who would never grow up.

    Pilon is a great singer, and the emotion behind the song immediately affected everyone in the room. The audience members began to cry, and the judges, particularly Kelly Osbourne, were wiping away tears.

    Get out your tissues to watch his whole performance. It’s so, so worth it.


    Youtube / Got Talent Global

  • Precious Footage Shows A Beluga Whale Having Fun With An Unsuspecting Toddler


    Beluga whales have always been some of my favorite ocean creatures.

    They’re totally friendly and look happy all of the time. Living in arctic regions, you probably wouldn’t expect them to be so peppy, but they love to play and splash around. Aquariums love them because they put on a great show when they’re properly cared for and given enough room to swim around.

    It’s no surprise, then, that a beluga whale at an ocean park in China took a liking to a little boy and decided to make friends fast.

    The kiddo is totally fascinated by the whale, who is right at his eye level.

    That’s when the beluga gets ready to have some fun, sucking water into its mouth.

    Suddenly, it’s a total shower for the toddler!

    Watch their entire delightful exchange in the video below.


    Youtube / Storyful

    I just want to hug both of them so tight. Great job, beluga! Here, look at it one more time.


  • Funny Video Shows Romantic Drone Footage Gone Wrong When Drone Crashes Into Couple


    Nothing says romance quite like a walk on the beach with your sweetheart, watching the sunset…that is until a drone nearly takes out your significant other.

    This is the hilarious moment a couple was taking in the sunset while simultaneously capturing some awesome footage with a drone. However, the man didn’t quite calculate the trajectory of the flying menace, causing the drone to topple to the ground, but not before konking his girlfriend in the back of the head.

    Thankfully both the woman and the drone were left unscathed, and the drone was even able to capture some awesome aerial footage. I’d call that a win-win.

    (via Daily Mail)

    Can you imagine if this had ended differently? Imagine having to explain to people that your girlfriend broke things off because you hit her in the head with a giant piece of flying metal. Too funny!

  • Dad And Kids Create Epic Igloo After Winter Storm Grayson, Complete With Fireplace


    Following a heavy snowfall, most families can’t wait to play around in the fluffy white and maybe bond over a snowman or two. But for the Lequire family, large amounts of snow mean it’s time to build the greatest igloo you’ve ever seen.

    Winter Storm Grayson left much of the east coast buried under several inches of snow, but for Chris Lequire and his family, the 10 inches they received in Old Lyme, Connecticut, would be plenty of building material for their annual igloo. For the last five years, Lequire and his children have transformed one spot on their lawn into a home away from home, and each year the towering igloo gets bigger and bigger.

    Lequire circles the yard with the snowblower, making it easier to gather the snow into one place.

    Then with the pile formed into the desired shape, the kids dig their way inside, helping to shape the walls and re-stack the snow on the outside for added support.

    This year’s igloo might just be their most ambitious project yet. The Lequires added a built-in fireplace into this year’s design and even incorporated a few strings of working lights.

    This is one snow home you won’t want to miss. Check it out below:

    (via Daily Mail)

    It’s so awesome to see this dad getting the whole family involved and making their own fun without having to rely on technology. I can’t wait to see what next year’s design has in store!

  • This Adorable Boy Wanted To Set His Butterfly Free, But It Wasn’t Ready To Leave Him!


    As a child, some of the great lessons don’t play out in the classroom, but rather at home with friends and family.

    This adorable science experiment is definitely one of those moments. Wesley Thompson set out to teach his two children, Gunnar and Harley, about some of nature’s greatest feats. In the process, the family set out to experience metamorphosis first hand as they helped a tiny caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly.

    But after weeks of keeping their new pet in a bug cage, it was finally time to set it free into the real world.

    So as Dad took off the lid and prepared for the butterfly to soar into the sky, the pretty bug had other plans.

    Our buggy pal wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his temporary family, so instead of going out to explore the world, it took up residence on little Gunnar’s face. His reaction is really one for the books, folks!


    (via People)

    I must say Gunnar has some serious self-control. He didn’t really even flinch when his butterfly friend decided to get up close and personal. This will be a family bonding moment the Thompsons won’t soon forget.

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