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  • He Wanted To Show A Toddler It’s A ‘Tough World.’ How He Did It Will Make You Sick


    Parents all want their kids to be prepared for how tough life is.

    It’s one of the hardest lessons to teach, because moms and dads generally want to protect their kids from the dangers of the world. Still, there are ways good parents can show their children that not everything is puppies and rainbows and still help them keep their innocence and hope in the world.

    Joshua Salovich is not that kind of parent. In fact, the boxer-in-training brutally beat his daughter to show her that “she had to be tough,” and after suffering horrific abuse, she died.

    Salovich was shockingly forthcoming with police about how he would “pop” his 3-year-old daughter Bailey any time she answered a math question incorrectly. He did this at least five times per week.

    He used a bamboo rod, a cell phone cord, and his hands to hit the toddler. As a boxer-in-training, he told police all of the hits directed at his daughter were full force.

    When Bailey arrived at the hospital, she had cuts and bruises all over her body and at least one head wound. She was airlifted to another hospital but passed away there.

    The girl’s mother has not been arrested because she was not present when this incident occurred. She is still being investigated to by police to learn if she knew about the sustained abuse Salovich inflicted on the girl.

    Salovich has been charged with capital murder, which means he may face the death penalty for his crimes, and he is currently being held without bail.

    (via ABC 7 NY)

    This is too horrific for words. What could possess someone to do something like this?

  • This Is What You Don’t Want To Happen When You Have A Truck Full Of Slime Eels


    I know I’m in the majority, but creepy crawly animals really freak me out.

    Frogs, lizards, snakes, you name it. Eels are basically snakes of the water, so they count, too. Most people only ever interact with eels from behind the paned glass of an aquarium. In some countries, they’re also considered a delicacy, so you may also find one on your plate. Where you don’t expect to see an eel (or several thousand) is on the road, in your car, in Oregon.

    Last week, a truck hauling 7,500 pounds of hagfish, also known as slime eels, was traveling to export the fish to South Korea, where they’re eaten. It didn’t go well.

    When the truck came upon some road construction, it attempted to stop but couldn’t, sending one of the containers of hagfish “flying across the highway.”

    The other containers spilled, and this caused a chain reaction. Four other vehicles were involved in the accident. Yikes!

    Workers began using bulldozers and hoses to gather up the fish and get them off the road.

    Hagfish are called slime eels due to the white slime they excrete while under stress. According to one witness, “It does not smell good.”

    Hagfish have been known to escape from sharks by producing so much slime that it chokes them. Scientists describe the slime as a gel like “Spider-Man’s webbing” and have been looking for ways to create new materials out of it.

    It took seven hours to clear the highway of all the hagfish before it reopened slime-free.

    (via The New York Times)

    Fun fact courtesy of The New York Times: Hagfish Day is the third Wednesday in October. Who knew? I can’t even begin to imagine what cleaning up a car involved in this accident would be like.

  • Call Me Crazy, But I Don’t Think You’re Supposed To Put These On Motorcycles


    Imagine driving down the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye you spot a bear riding a motorcycle.

    It might sound crazy, but for these motorists, it’s just another day in Russia. While driving through the city of Syktyvkar, motorist Nicholas Pasynkov was caught off guard when he noticed two bikers driving down the road with a large brown bear riding in their sidecar. The bear appears to be living its best life as it waves to onlookers while speeding down the street.

    This is unlike any biker gang I’ve ever seen before!


    As it turns out, the bear is part of a traveling circus run by a motorcycle club. Check out the woodland creature as he prepares for his epic ride.


    (Via Daily Mail)

  • Move Over, Humans. Turns Out Animals Love Summer Water Sports, Too!


    With summer in full swing, most pet owners love few things more than hanging with their fur babies in the beautiful weather.

    But as it turns out, Fifi and Fido want in on the water sports action, too. Apparently, they can water ski with the best of them. So whether they’re surfing some killer waves or paddle boarding into the sunset, these 20 animals can’t seem to get enough of the water.

    1. Anyone who says cats hate water clearly hasn’t met this nugget!

    2. These athletic primates live by the motto, “monkey sea, monkey do!”


    3. “Cowabunga Doodz!”

    4. Yep, these cats surf. Take it in.


    5. This pup loves hanging out with Mom everywhere, even on the water.

    6. This one-eyed cat surfs better than I ever could.


    7. “Is it my turn to steer yet, Dad?”

    8. This bear can’t wait to hit the pool and hang ten.


    9. This nugget is just starting to realize his water sporting potential.

    10. Here we have a pint-sized pup with a huge appetite for adventure.


    11. “If I just stand here, maybe Mom will do all the work.”

    12. Are these two wearing matching sunglasses?

    13. Talk about a ruff rider!

    14. They know how to beat the heat family style!

    15. “That’s right. Look what I can do.”

    16. It’s not every day you see this!


    17. That’s what I call living your best life.

    18. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

    19. “Where’d everybody go?”

    20. This pooch has a need for speed.


    Look out, humans. These pets are about to steal our summer thunder. Be sure to share their antics with all the pet moms and dads in your life!

  • He Was Out Enjoying The Scenery When An Unexpected (And Huge) Visitor Joined Him


    Alaskan photographer Drew Hamilton was out enjoying the scenic views along a river when he was joined by an unusual visitor.

    Hamilton’s nature shoot was cut short after a giant brown bear took a liking to the photographer, sitting down right next to the man. The friendly bear can be seen taking in the view with his new friend as they watched a few of its bear buddies splashing about in the water.

    “Hey dude, you mind if I take a seat next to you?”

    Most people would have freaked out and run away from the giant creature, but Hamilton could sense the bear meant him no harm.

    After a while, the gentle giant just wandered away. Check it out in the video below!


    (Via UPI)

    How would you have reacted if you were in Hamilton’s shoes? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to share this rare encounter with the wildlife enthusiasts you know.

  • Doctor Finds 27 Contacts In Patient’s Eye Because Nothing Makes Sense


    When I first started wearing contact lenses, I didn’t realize they’d feel so uncomfortable.

    Like many others, I have dry eyes that get irritated when I put my contacts in. I can only tolerate them for a short period of time, which is why I have no idea how this woman didn’t figure out what was going on with her eye. What she thought was old age and a dry eye turned out to be a MUCH bigger issue.

    When the 67-year-old woman from England recently went to get cataract surgery, doctors found 17 contact lenses stuck together in her right eye.

    With a microscope, they found 10 more.

    The woman had apparently been wearing monthly disposable contact lenses for 35 years and avoided the optometrist, opting to reorder online when she ran out. Doctors think her deep set eyes and poor vision in her right eye could be why they were left in.

    (via ABC7)

    I think I’ll stick to wearing glasses from now on. Share if you wear contacts and are considering the same.

  • This Is The Tragic Story Of How A Baby Died From What Was Likely Just A Kiss


    On July 1, Shane and Nicole Sifrit welcomed their daughter, Mariana, into the world. But just 17 days later, they had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to their baby girl.

    Though little Mariana was born healthy, she became very sick at less than a week old. She was taken to a hospital, where her parents learned that she had contracted meningitis HSV-1, which is caused by the herpes virus. When babies are infected with viral meningitis, it’s often because the mother passed it on during childbirth. However, both of Mariana’s parents tested negative for the virus. Now they believe somebody transmitted it to her through a seemingly innocent kiss, and they’re sharing their story in the hopes that it will save lives.

    In the days after Mariana’s birth, the Sifrits had a number of visitors at the hospital, one of whom could have kissed Mariana in a well-meaning but dangerous display of affection.

    The infant seemed fine the first few days of her life, but when Shane and Nicole got married on July 7, they had to stop the wedding to get medical attention for her. She was pale, not eating, and very difficult to wake.

    At the Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, doctors diagnosed her with the deadly virus. “It immediately went downhill from there. Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail,” Shane told WHO-TV. After being airlifted to another hospital and put on life support, she died in her father’s arms.

    Now the Sifrits are using their loss to raise awareness about the tragic consequences that can come from kissing infants. Learn more about their story in the video below.

    (via Daily Mail)

    Our hearts go out to the Sifrits as they face life without their sweet baby girl. If you’d like to help them with Mariana’s medical and funeral costs, click here. Share with other parents to raise awareness about the devastating affects kisses can have on newborns.

  • He Captured A Video Of A Whale Doing Something Beautiful. His Reaction? Not So Nice.


    If you ask me, there’s really nothing more incredible than seeing animals thrive in their natural habitat. That’s doubly true of those animals happen to be hulking sea creatures.

    And fisherman Dominic Tyson has seen his fair share of epic moments while working the coastline of Australia, but nothing prepared him for the rare sight he witnessed while fishing along the Karratha coast one day.

    Tyson can be described as a true-blue angler, making the water his home away from home.

    But after witnessing a giant humpback whale breaching out of the water, the avid fisherman is making waves for more than just his fishing skills.

    Spotting a whale in the wild is something only a handful of people get to witness, and while Tyson was lucky enough to be welcomed into the club, based on his reaction you can tell the man was completely caught off guard.

    With his camera in hand, Tyson can be heard giving a expletive-heavy commentary as the whale launches itself out of the water. Undergoing feelings of surprise and shock, the fisherman can be heard living in the moment. Get your ears ready, folks.

    Something tells me that Tyson won’t be getting his own wildlife show anytime soon.

    (Via Daily Mail)

    Have you ever been caught of guard by a close encounter with an animal? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share Tyson’s unconventional wildlife video if you’re a fan of his…uh…genuine reaction.

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