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  • Panic Broke Out When These Beachgoers Saw What Was In The Water Just Inches Away


    Even though sharks can be super scary, we don’t see them all that often.

    They mostly keep to themselves, despite all the bad press they get for being “monsters.” One shark recently proved that it would do almost anything for its dinner, though, and it didn’t have humans in mind. A large fish made its way into the shallow water of the beach on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, and the shark followed, whipping around trying to snag its snack. Understandably, this sent the humans in the water into a frenzy of their own.

    Some people who didn’t understand English initially remained in the water, but they eventually realized something was coming and ran out. This is so scary!

    I’m so glad no one was hurt. Keep an eye on the water to protect your fellow beachgoers this summer, and be sure to share this video with the people you know who will be having fun in the sun.

  • This Guy Was Minding His Business Out In The Ocean When He Saw A Massive Tentacle


    We didn’t know much about the giant squid until very recently, and so much about them remains a mystery.

    In fact, scientists hadn’t even confirmed they existed until 2004! That doesn’t mean that people who spend a lot of time in the ocean hadn’t had encounters with them, though.

    James Taylor is active in water sports and one day decided to go paddle boarding off the coast of South Africa. While there, he spotted something strange, and it turned out to be an injured giant squid. He threw a rope near the creature, hoping to tow it to shore. (I’m not quite sure how that would help, but his heart was in the right place.) What happened instead was a hilarious once-in-a-lifetime experience that he’ll never forget!

    It looks like someone decided that it would be better to get a ride!

    This is so crazy. I can’t even imagine being in his position. Share this video with all the people you know who love the strangest things in life.

  • When His 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Didn’t Recognize Him, He Did Something Revolting


    Taking care of elderly folks is a tiring and thankless job that often gets overlooked.

    Many adult children become caretakers for their parents and sometimes their spouse’s parents. William Spingler, a former politician in Pennsylvania, took over the duties of caring for his 103-year-old mother-in-law after his wife died in 2007. She lived in his home for eight years, but then she was placed in a nursing home when her dementia worsened.

    Spingler is accused of doing something pretty awful to his mother-in-law, but the most shocking part of this story is that he admits it — and has a “justification” for everything.

    One day while visiting the nursing home, his mother-in-law didn’t recognize him due to her dementia. Spingler then fondled her breast, hoping the action would have “shock value” and “get her attention.” He did this on one other occasion as well.

    The police officer who took his confession reports differently, however. “(Spingler said) ‘I know what this is about. This is about me rubbing (the victim’s) breasts. I do it to get her going,’” said Police Chief William Colarulo. “He said, ‘When I see her, I’ll kiss her on the mouth, I’ll rub her breasts to make her feel good about herself. Sometimes she says no, but that’s all it is, that’s all there is to it.’”

    “I wasn’t sexually assaulting my mother-in-law, who I respect and love,” Spingler told “My intent was to hug her and love her and let her know I was there. That’s all I was doing.” He also said, “I mean, my reputation is destroyed, my business is destroyed. It was just something that I shouldn’t have done.”


    (via NYPost)

    Spingler has been released on bail and is scheduled to be sentenced next week. I, for one, don’t buy his defense and hope this woman gets the justice she deserves.

  • She Convinced Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself, And Now Justice Is Being Served


    By now, you may have heard of the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III.

    Roy was a suicidal 18-year-old who was dating Carter (then a juvenile). He would often describe his plans to Carter to kill himself, and instead of reacting as most of us would, she urged him to take his own life. This happened mainly over text message and took place over months of talking to one another. Eventually, however, Roy tragically killed himself. Carter was on the phone when it happened, but she chose not to call for help.

    Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter, which is usually reserved for a person who actively, rather than passively, kills another. She was convicted, setting a legal precedent that will impact many future cases.

    According to CNN, a psychiatrist testified that “Carter was delusional after becoming ‘involuntarily intoxicated‘ by antidepressants. She was ‘unable to form intent’ after switching to a new prescription drug months before Roy’s suicide, and she even texted his phone for weeks after he died.”

    The prosecution and the judge, disagreed, saying, “Carter berated her vulnerable boyfriend when he had second thoughts about killing himself, listened by phone as he died and used his suicide to get from friends the attention that she desperately craved.”

    Though there was a conviction, it is little comfort for Roy’s family. “Although we are very pleased with the verdict, in reality there are no winners here,” prosecutor Katie Rayburn told reporters later. “Two families had been torn apart and will be affected by this for years to come. We hope verdict will bring some closure… It’s been an extremely emotionally draining process for everyone involved.”

    Carter faces up to 20 years in prison, but experts say that a long sentence is unlikely in this dramatic case. Sentencing will occur on August 3.

    (via CNN)

    Justice was served. I hope Roy’s family can find some peace and that this young woman gets the help she needs while serving her time.

  • This Rat Got More Than It Bargained For When It Snuck Into A Monkey Enclosure


    Sometimes the most adorable friendships are the ones you’d least expect.

    And when a tiny rodent made its way into a monkey enclosure, it quickly made best friends with four monkeys that would make even the rat pack jealous.

    There’s no intimidation here! The friendly primates can be seen petting the rat’s head and pulling on its tail in a playful manner while the rodent scurries around looking for food, as rodents do.

    But wait…did the rat just bail when it was full? Damn. Maybe their friendship wasn’t so cute after all.

    (Via Daily Mail)

    Share this if you, like the rat, value food over basically anything else.

  • What This Brave Girl Said In Front Of Her Church Resulted In Them Cutting Her Off


    Though we live in a very progressive time, some people still feel it’s necessary to hide who they are because of how they might be treated by others who don’t agree with their lifestyles.

    Savannah, a 12-year-old girl from Utah, however, didn’t want to mask the part of herself she’s come to accept and love, so in June 2016, she came out to her parents as a lesbian — and they turned out to be very supportive. A few months later, she made the brave decision to tell fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    “I had a feeling like I should come out to the church,” Savannah said. “I came out to all of my family and I just wanted to do something more.” Though the church’s policies about gay individuals are well known — they welcome members with same-sex attractions but condemn them for acting on those feelings — Savannah still wanted to share how she feels with her congregation.

    She spent a lot of time writing her speech, in which she wanted to convey that gays deserve more respect and acceptance in her church. Despite being warned by her parents that the reaction might not be positive, she stood up on the podium the day she planned to speak while family friends recorded.


    How she delivered her eloquent speech spoke volumes about how mature and courageous she is. Unfortunately, before she could finish it, her microphone was cut off and she was told to sit down.


    (via MommyPage and CNN)

    Savannah was understandably upset, but her parents couldn’t be more proud of what she accomplished. “She has more courage than I’ve ever seen in anybody,” her mom Heather said. “To be able to share something so personal with everybody. That made my heart soar as a parent.” Share if you think nobody should ever be silenced about who they are inside.

  • Watch As A Seriously Clever Pooch Goes Shopping All By Himself


    I’ve seen plenty of people take their dogs inside pet stores, but pups shopping by themselves? Not so much.

    For the people who frequent the Agro Pet store in Paraí, Brazil, however, it’s a normal, everyday sight. That’s because one of its customers is a cute dog named Pituco, who loves doing all of his shopping on his own. “Everybody knows Pituco,” the shop’s vet told The Dodo. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.”

    Pituco’s parents have a deal worked out with the shop so that their little guy can come grab treats or food whenever he wants. Agro Pet just puts his purchases on a tab for his owners to pay later, and he’s allowed to walk right out and go home. He sometimes even picks up special orders like cat food or birdseed for the other pets in his house!

    Watch as Pituco leaves the store with his prized bag of treats in tow. He couldn’t look more proud of himself.

    (via BoredPanda)

    He’s hands down the cutest store customer I’ve ever seen. Share this independent pup if you agree that he’s a good (and super smart) boy.

  • 15 Scientists Tweet About The Most Disgusting Things They’ve Smelled On The Job


    When we think about scientists, it’s likely that many of us initially picture a person working in a clean lab and looking at a sample through a microscope.

    However, that mental image doesn’t even scratch the surface of what many of these people do on a daily basis, especially when it comes to working out in the field. Biologists, archaeologists, and other people of science often put themselves in less-than-ideal conditions for research, like examining rotting corpses or wading through bogs. That’s what sparked a discussion on Twitter prompting people to describe the worst thing they’ve ever smelled on the job — and the answers were seriously nasty.

    These 15 scientists must really love what they do, because they deal with some pretty disgusting smells in their lines of work. Let’s just say that vomiting isn’t very uncommon for them.

    1. Rotting turtle soup, basically.

    2. I doubt she ever got that smell completely out.

    3. Sounds delightful.

    4. What a crappy job.

    5. The heat has to make it a million times worse.

    6. NOPE. No thanks!

    7. If handling a whale carcass isn’t bad enough, let’s just let it marinate for a few weeks first.

    8. I imagine that’s become his permanent smell.

    9. And here we have the makings of the perfect storm of nastiness.

    10. I’m so glad I wasn’t on the train that day.

    11. It might be time to get into the shower and never come out.

    12. But out of all the awful stenches, many agreed that dead turtles are the absolute worst.

    13. It seems that the smell of their carcasses could weaken anyone’s stomach…

    14. …and leave a seriously bad impression.

    15. It apparently even has the power to destroy souls.

    (via IFL Science)

    I really have to commend all these people for constantly doing their work despite their noses being assaulted with unspeakable odors. Share if you wouldn’t want to be in their stinky shoes!

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