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  • This Woman With Breast Cancer Already Has It Rough, But Then Was Humiliated By TSA


    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents are very important when it comes to flight safety, but some have been known to take security measures way too far.

    One recent incident left a radio host and mom with breast cancer feeling violated and completely humiliated. When Denise Albert was traveling through Los Angeles International Airport on December 4, she received terrible and insensitive treatment at the hands of two agents who repeatedly ignored the fact that she had special items to carry on board because of her illness.

    The co-host of SiriusXM radio show “The Moms” was pulled aside by TSA agents after informing them about the medical cream she needed in her bag.

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    Despite the fact that she is a Pre-Check passenger, meaning that she should get faster screenings without having to remove her shoes, they made her take them off anyway. Her feet were covered in sores from her cancer treatments, which prevented her from standing for long.

  • This Guy Couldn’t Find A Job Because Of His Service Dog…Until This Company Hired Them Both!


    If there’s anyone who deserves gainful employment, it’s veterans. However, after returning from three post-9/11 deployments, Clay Luthy wasn’t having an easy time finding a job.

    Luthy’s service to our country left his knees in poor condition, eventually requiring multiple surgeries. Unable to re-enlist in the Air Force, he retired and began searching for work as a civilian. Despite his sacrifices, many companies weren’t willing to hire him. The reason? His service dog, Charlotte.

    When Luthy showed up for a job interview at a Lowe’s in Abilene, Texas, he wasn’t sure how the company would react to his situation. Would they be willing to accept an employee with a service dog?

    Fortunately, the answer was a resounding yes! Lowe’s hired Luthy and Charlotte, and outfitted them both with classic red work vests. On December 4, the pair went viral on social media after a customer posted the picture below.

    The store’s human resource manager, Jay Fellers, told The Dodo, “We didn’t realize he was having a difficult time finding a job. He applied here and went through a normal interview process, and brought Charlotte in as part of the interview. He told us about Charlotte, and how she supports him. He ended up being our top candidate.”

    In addition to supporting to Luthy, Charlotte has been a huge hit with Lowe’s customers.

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    To learn more about the incredible duo, check out the video below. Their bond and the kindness of Lowe’s staff are truly beautiful things to witness.

    (via The Dodo)

    I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be giving Lowe’s more of my business! Be sure to share this awesome story and encourage more companies to follow in their footsteps.

  • This Strong Pup Survived For Two Days In The Rubble Of A Collapsed Building


    As we learned this past weekend in Oakland, California, just because a building appears to be structurally sound doesn’t mean that things can’t change in the blink of an eye.

    Some of this country’s oldest buildings have stayed open for years thanks to full restorations and renovations that bring them back to their former glory. Not all restoration projects are successful, however, and even the smallest bit of damage can put people’s lives at risk.

    Midway through major renovations, this 100-year-old apartment building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, collapsed on the afternoon of Friday, December 2.

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    As apartment tenants struggled to make their way out, first responders and emergency crews searched through the rubble to help free those who were unable to escape.

    First responders were able to pull survivors from the rubble, including a husky pup that walked away confused, but relatively unharmed. Emily Fodness, a former tenant of the building, feared the worst for her own lost beagle pup, Molly.

    Search and rescue efforts continued into the late hours of the night and throughout the weekend.

    Regan Smith, an emergency manager, had been digging through the rubble Sunday morning, a full two days after the collapse, when he heard barking. It was nothing short of a miracle that Smith had found the brave beagle who never stopped fighting for her life.

    Molly had been hiding underneath a mattress and was able to walk away from the two-day ordeal completely unscathed. She was given a clean bill of health following a vet visit.

    Fodness and her parents could be seen crying tears of joy as they reunited with their missing family member and gave Molly the unconditional love she needed.

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    (via DailyMail)

    It never ceases to give me all the feels when an animal is safely returned to his or her loving family. If your friends are animal lovers, be sure to share this incredible story with them! It’s sure to make their day.

  • Man Who Let His Child Die In A Hot Car Is Sentenced To Life In Prison


    On June 18, 2014, Justin Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son in his car for seven hours when he went to work in Marietta, Georgia.

    By the time Harris got back into his vehicle at around 4 p.m., Cooper was dead. However, he didn’t notice his son’s body until after he drove to a local movie theater, where he began screaming. Though it seemed like a horrific accident, it was later revealed that he had texted a woman 10 minutes before he left Cooper saying, “I love my son and all, but we both need escapes.” There was also evidence that he could see his son inside the hot car.

    More than two years after the incident, Harris has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering his child.


    (via CNN)

    Harris also received an additional 32 years for other charges, including
    first-degree cruelty to children, sexual exploitation of children,
    and dissemination of harmful material to minors after trying to convince
    a minor to send him nude photos.

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    Though this will never bring Cooper back, it’s a small comfort to know that Harris was served justice. Share if you think his sentence was fitting, and let us know how this story makes you feel in the comments.

  • Dude Hilariously Gets Revenge On His Cat That Wakes Him Up At The Crack Of Dawn


    When I don’t get enough sleep, most people know to steer clear of me.

    If sleeping were an Olympic event, I’d be headed to Tokyo in 2020. However, with my busy schedule, I rarely have enough time to sleep in past 7 a.m. and I’m lucky if I get a full eight hours a night. Needless to say that when sleep deprivation hits, I get a bit petty. I instantly have a vendetta against whoever or whatever has awoken the beast from his slumber, and hell hath no fury like a sleep-deprived ginger. So because of my own barbaric reactions to sleep deprivation, what this cat owner did speaks to me spiritually.

    Nicholas Tecosky loves his sleep just as much as the next person, but his feline friend, Italics, won’t let the poor dude snooze past 4 a.m. After weeks of being awoken from his peaceful slumber, Tecosky was at his wits end, so he decided to give his furry friend a taste of his own medicine.

    Oh, you wanted to take a cat nap? Well, too bad!


    After being awoken from his nap, the cat sat and pouted while refusing to leave from the man’s bed. Figures.


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    Who knew revenge could be so rewarding? Share this video if you know that the cat-nap struggle is real.

  • This Dog Absolutely Most Definitely Did Not Dig Those Holes In The Lawn


    Before I adopted my golden retriever, my backyard used to be full of lush, green grass.

    But just a few months after bringing him home, the ground looked more like a wasteland of dirt than an actual lawn. I caught him countless times digging away back there, but his hilariously shameful reactions always made my anger dissipate almost instantly.

    Lexi the corgi has a lot in common with my guilty pup. She was happy to dig some holes in her yard, but once her dad found out and questioned her about it, she couldn’t hide her terrible regret.

    Something tells me it didn’t take her long to go right back to digging.


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    Silly, misbehaving dogs. It would be easy to stay mad at you if you weren’t so darn cute.


  • Man Who Survived Oakland Fire Comes Under Attack After His Insensitive Remarks


    As an artist, sometimes you get so caught up in your work that you fail to notice the world around you.

    The Ghost Ship was an artistic conclave in Oakland, California, where artists came to get their creative juices flowing as well as to show off their talents through art shows and performances. With its elaborate decorations, it was as though creativity and inspiration enveloped the entire warehouse, so it came as quite a surprise when the building and the creativity of these artists all went up in smoke.

    Following the horrible warehouse fire that took the lives of over 33 people this weekend, the owner and founder of the Ghost Ship is being put on blast for some seriously insensitive remarks.

    Derick Ion Almena angered people on social media when he posted an uncouth message on Facebook. In it, he stated that he worked so hard to create his warehouse and that he was left “standing in the poverty of self worth.” He paid no mind to the many people who lost their lives that day because his warehouse was not up to code.

    Following the fire, Almena and his wife were able to safely retreat to a local hotel.

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    A former friend of Almena has revealed that on multiple occasions, the man was warned by firefighters that the warehouse was considered a death trap and was unfit to be used as a professional venue. Almena would simply laugh off these comments and go about his business.

    Many of the artists that worked out of the Ghost Ship were believed to have been living in the space, despite there being no permits allowing them to do so. There was no hot water, heating, or a kitchen, making it completely unfit as a living space.

    With its elaborate furniture and exhibits scattered throughout the building, other survivors of the fire noted that escaping the warehouse alive proved to be much for troublesome because of the layout.

    An investigation into the fire is still underway, but based on prior warnings that Almena ignored, it was only a matter of time before something happened.

    Almena has since deleted his Facebook post, but has yet to issue another statement regarding the fire (or the ignorance that cost people their lives).

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    (via Metro )

    Do you think Derick Ion Almena should be held responsible and charged because of his carelessness regarding the Ghost Ship? What do you think of his remarks? Let us know in the comments.

  • Wife Texts Husband That She Took In A Stray Dog, When He Sees It’s A Coyote He FLIPS


    One of the best parts of being in a relationship is getting to mess with your partner a little.

    After being together for so long, you start to learn what each other’s buttons are and occasionally take pleasure in purposefully pushing them for your own entertainment. While it can sometimes be a mean thing to do to your other half, it can also end in absolute hilarity — case in point, this married couple from Seaside, Oregon.

    When Justin Bogh received a text from his wife, Kayla Eby, about a stray dog she found and brought inside their home, he quickly began to panic. From the photos, he knew it was actually a wild coyote. What he didn’t know, however, was that his wife was completely trolling him.

    With the help of some friends, Eby used Photoshop to make it look like the coyote was right next to their son, Olly.

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    Understandably, Bogh started freaking out.

    But Eby didn’t give herself up just yet. She was in it for the long haul.

    Bogh grew more and more frustrated as his message wasn’t getting across.

    And the flames just kept being stoked.

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    What he said.

    Apparently there have been other incidents, too.

    Maybe you should just calm down and “chill your hormones,” buddy.

    But that became impossible for him when she hilariously began raising the stakes.

    The poor guy was probably about to have a heart attack.

    Eby finally took mercy on him by making it obvious that she was lying.

    This is love at its finest.

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    (via BoredPanda)

    I can’t be the only person who’s considering a Photoshop subscription just so I can pull something like this off. You’d better watch out, everyone I know…


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