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  • All Aboard The Fail Boat! Bus Pulls In Front Of Demolition Camera At The Wrong Moment


    In the realm of live television, if something can go wrong, chances are it probably will.

    As the Georgia Dome was set to be demolished, the Weather Channel saw the event as something viewers would enjoy. Unfortunately, at the very moment the building went up in smoke, the live footage of the event was compromised by an untimely city bus. Thanks to a stoplight at the top of the hill, viewers were treated to a nice shot of the bus with smoke and debris shooting up in the background.

    By the time the light had turned green, the demolition was complete and the Weather Channel’s live exclusive was nothing more than an epic fail.


    Watching this video, I can’t help thinking that this bus is a metaphor for my life. Always at the wrong place at the wrong time, a day late and a dollar short. Hey, at least it makes for a hilarious fail!

  • This Rapper Saw A Fan Do Something Awful, So He Used His Platform To Stop It


    Following the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, Hollywood has experienced a long-overdue calling out of men in power abusing their power to take advantage of countless women and even some men.

    Every day it seems like a new accuser has come forward to add another name to the list, comforted by the bravery of those before them. As the hierarchy begins to fall like a row of dominos, the aftershocks of these sexual harassment cases have begun to trickle down into politics thanks to the accusations that Republican Roy Moore engaged in predatory sexual behavior with at least three underage girls.

    But as the fall of Hollywood’s patriarchy continues, countless celebs have offered their support of the victims while many others share their own stories with the world. And while a majority of those coming forward happen to be women, there are a few men brave enough to use their privilege and take a stand for those who have been voiceless for so long.

    Concertgoers at a recent Drake performance in Australia were caught off guard when the rapper stopped the show in its tracks to address a male fan found groping a young woman in the audience. “If you don’t stop touching girls I’m going to come over there and f*** you up,” he declared while directly addressing the abuser.

    Groping and other inappropriate behaviors are nothing new for concertgoers. The general admissions areas of most performance spaces are often cramped to the max with people, leaving plenty of opportunities for men to try and grab women without reproach.

    But Drake isn’t the only male performer calling out fans for their perv-ish behaviors. Country singer Aaron Lewis and Architects front-man Sam Carter have both addressed inappropriate touching during their recent concerts.

    Unfortunately, fans aren’t the only ones being groped. The Internet is filled with videos of stars such as Harry Styles and Faith Hill becoming the targets for fans that got a little too close for comfort.


    (via Inside Edition)

    While it’s commendable that these performers are speaking out publicly about groping and addressing the culprits head-on, it’s not the be all, end all for groping and sexual assault. Perhaps if men stopped thinking they were God’s gift to women and that they can do whatever they want to them, these issues wouldn’t be happening in the first place.

  • Tragic Eyewitness Video Shows Immediate Aftermath Of Athlete’s Fatal Plane Crash


    On November 7, two-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Roy Halladay passed away at 40 years old when his ICON A5 plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.

    According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, the small aircraft went down at around noon that day. Halladay had been passionate about becoming a pilot and got his license when he retired from his baseball career. Multiple witnesses say he was showing off that day, making alarming changes in altitude by repeatedly going up 100 feet and then going down five feet above the water until he crashed.

    Some boaters captured the fatal incident on camera, first confused that the plane was flying so low…

    …then shocked as they reached the wreckage.

    The sheriff’s office marine unit later recovered his body, but they weren’t able to confirm whether there were any other passengers on the plane.

    Watch the footage for yourself below.


    (via ESPN)

    Rest in peace, Halladay. Our hearts go out to the grieving friends and family members he left behind.

  • Subtlety Definitely Isn’t This German Shepherd’s Thing…Especially When She’s Hungry


    As man’s best friend, dogs have a way of letting their owners know exactly what’s on their mind.

    If a dog is cramped up inside and needs to go out to handle their business, they’ll often whimper and bark as they pace around the house. But when it comes to this adorable German Shepherd and her food, she doesn’t mess around. Subtlety is just something for which she has no time.

    Despite having just eaten only a few short hours ago, this doggo has an appetite that simply can’t be satiated. But when staring longingly at her food dish doesn’t clue Dad in to her hunger pains, she pulls out all the stops.

    This hangry pup tries to get Dad’s attention by clanging her empty food dish against the floor.

    When that doesn’t work she tries giving him the stare down.

    And when that doesn’t do the trick, our famished pup heads toward the pantry and points to her meal of choice.

    When it comes to food, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. Check out all of her antics in the video below!


    I think I’m going to start doing this. I live for the drama.

  • The Moment This Dog Sees Its Human After Three Years Will Make Your Heart Melt


    Our animals are our best friends, and we do our best to keep them healthy and happy.

    Sometimes that means saying goodbye to them for a little while, whether that’s due to military service or unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately there are usually people out there who can help care for our pets in the meantime and help us reunite when we’re able.

    The circumstances of one man’s leaving his dog for three years are unknown, but what I do know is that you’ll want a tissue for their reunion.

    The pup is hesitant at first, unsure about the guy standing there, but it doesn’t take long for doggo to go wild.



    Aww! So glad the gang is back together again! Here’s to many more hugs and kisses from your furry friend, dude.

  • Mom Fires Back After Passersby See Her Dragging Her Child On A Leash


    Back in October, people became outraged after watching a viral video of a mom in Liverpool, England. The 31-year-old unnamed woman could be seen dragging her son across the pavement in public with what looks like a leash.

    Some who viewed the footage called her a monster and an animal, saying that what she did was a clear case of child abuse. However, she wants others to know that there are two sides to every story and that people are judging her “before they know the situation.” That’s why she’s firing back and adamantly stating she isn’t a bad mom.

    In an interview with Echo, the single mom explained that her four-year-old has severe autism. “He has meltdowns and throws himself on the floor,” she said. “What I am doing in that video is the only way I can move him. He does it all the time and won’t get up or let me pick him up.”

    “People are making me out to be a bad mom — I am not a bad mom. They should ask before they judge me,” she added. “People don’t understand how hard it is having an autistic child, especially when they are so strong. He has attacked me before and knocked me off my feet, but he doesn’t know he is hurting me.”

    Despite the widespread outrage, she added that only two women — to whom she explained her son’s condition — approached her that day. The rest of the passersby watched and said nothing, including those who recorded. As of October 26, Merseyside Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

    (via Delish and Echo)

    According to child psychologist Lauren Elder, Autism Speaks assistant director for dissemination science, the best way for parents of autistic children to handle public meltdowns is to explain the child’s condition to bystanders and let them know how they can help. What are your thoughts on this situation and the public’s reaction to it? Give us your input in the comments.

  • Street Dog With Horrible Skin Disease Get The Second Chance He Deserves


    There are so many animals out there who need our help, especially street dogs.

    Street dogs are common in countries like India, and the downside is that sick pups often don’t get the care they need because they don’t have owners. Fortunately, there are rescues like Animal Aid Unlimited working to rescue these dogs when they’re down in the dumps.

    One of their success stories, Edward, was on the brink of death when he was found, but wait until you see him now!

    Edward had an advanced case of mange, and he had curled up behind a concrete block, essentially waiting to die. He wouldn’t have lasted much longer without the help of rescuers.

    It was so severe that it took eight weeks of medicated baths to clear up mange at this advanced stage. Still, Edward stuck through the treatment, getting better day by day.

    Look at him now! Who knew all those spots were under there? He seems like the absolute sweetest doggo.

    Watch his entire journey below. Watch until the end to see him playing!


    Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited, India

    (via The Dodo)

    Thank goodness rescuers were able to help! This is one more beautiful soul that will live out his days without more suffering.

  • On This Man’s 60th Birthday, He Got A Gift That Left Him Speechless And In Tears


    Step-parents get a bad rap, but the truth is that most of them care about their step-kids so much.

    It’s a hard position to be in, to walk into an already set family dynamic. And sometimes new step-kids act out because changes of this magnitude are hard for anyone to deal with. The benefits that can come from a relationship between these new family members can last a lifetime, though.

    Just ask Joel, whose wife told his moving story to Love What Matters.

    She writes:

    Dave came into my husband, Joel’s, life when he was around 10 years old. Dave married Joel’s mom, who had five sons. That is a pretty admirable undertaking! Through his teen years, Joel gave his mom and step dad quite a bit of trouble and tested Dave at every opportunity. Through it all, Dave remained there for his family—leading by his loving, strong, and wise example. When Joel became an adult, his relationship with Dave grew stronger—to the point where Joel asked Dave to be his Best Man at our wedding in 1997. When Joel and I started our family, Dave became ‘Papa’ and has been a phenomenal grandpa to our four kids. Dave was never able to have biological children of his own, but has been the most amazing husband and father for 30 years now. Joel had been wanting to ask Dave to adopt him for a long time; and we thought that Dave’s 60th Birthday would be the perfect opportunity to ask him. Joel plans to legally change his name to Joel Oliver Skaggs Glenn, so that his name reflects both family lines. It was such a beautiful moment! We are blessed to have such a wonderful family.

    The entire heartwarming moment was caught on video, and you are definitely going to need a tissue.

    Facebook / Love What Matters

    That’s what family is all about. Congratulations to these guys on making this adoption official!

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